31 Aug

We woke up to what was promising to be a grey, rainy day even though the app said there was a 30-50% chance of rain. And sure enough, just as my husband was packing himself up to leave, it began to rain, and has been pouring steadily since. I’m not a fan of grey, rainy days. In fact I woke up thinking that I am probably the quintessential moth whose life forces and energies revolve solely around light (and ventilation, since I am human I figure. Haha!). Darkness is depressing and oppressing; dark spaces are downright morose. It’s one of the reasons why I was immediately drawn to this house – it was love at first sight. The light that streamed in from every room made my senses sing, quite literally. There’s something about open windows, rays of sunshine and crispness. I’m certain I’ve blogged about these things before.

photo 3

I gathered whatever guts I could and tried very hard to shove my phobia of thunder especially while having a shower, aside. Apart from the fact that I feel centre stage in an Alfred Hitchcock movie, there’s something about those random shatterings of thunder that I’ve always disliked about rain. I use the cues lightning throws my way, to compose myself. If there’s anything else you do to comfort yourself during thunderstorms, do let me know.

So here I am, doing what is synonymous with rainy days – sipping my second cup of chai and writing, with a lamp on. Setting, you see. I’ve obviously kept more important assignments aside, just so I can soak in this moment. I think I’m loving it. Hopefully the internet won’t vanish now, just because I professed my love for this moment. There have been many, many times when it has rained that romantic rain (rain, in my opinion, is most romantic to me when I’m indoors and warm, far from getting wet or stranded) and I’ve been stuck to my laptop, chasing a deadline, or just unable to leave it all and curl up with a book or just simply watch it rain. That’s a small win for the day, and I’m thankful.

My body has been yearning for comfort food of the homely kind – simple dal, chawal, sabzi, raita. I don’t really want to despise eating outside food, but it looks to be heading that way. Hopefully it won’t be long before I sink my soul into a big bowl of hot dal chawal and ghee. Mmmm.

Speaking of eating out, Subway took 2 hours to deliver my piddly salad for lunch yesterday. And it came minus any cucumbers and all soggy, naturally. In trying to get some vegetables into my system, that’s what had to be dealt with yesterday. Never did I think I’d chase eating vegetables like I do now, and I only have biology to thank. Thank you for keeping the natural, biological, animal-being inside us alive.

On another note, I tried my hand at a thupka (Tibetan noodle soup) yesterday after what feels like almost a decade. Being a loyalist in every sense of the word, I only ever used to dive into thupkas if I was at Taste of Tibet in Dubai Plaza (God, typing that out made me feel old somehow). Last night saw me just too tired and so I settled for a chicken thupka – because I believe in the magical powers of chicken soups, I really do. I guess circumstances compel you to make certain changes, certain shifts, if I may say so. It obviously wasn’t the same thing one can find at ToT, but that dish healed me and how – it was hard to fall asleep till much later. Chicken soups are powerful things. Chicken soups with noodles and vegetables…well, that’s the bomb. I was mighty pleased with its effect and so I do recommend a good, hearty soup when you’re down and out. If you’ve to eat out, especially.

In the middle of all this chaos, hernia-inducing, strength-training (if you may) work, there are pockets of joy and satisfaction that shine through. I’ve been trying to actively find positiveness in whatever I can; it makes all the difference. Except when the doorbell rings. I just can’t handle doorbells, especially when they’re unexpected. Quite a few have been left unanswered (muhaha!), but that apart, there’s this proactive effort towards not only finding zen, but feeling and being zen too.

I hope you have a zen day today. And I hope no doorbells ring.


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