As The Day Passes…

19 Aug

…I realize that there still is so much to speak about and so much that is on my mind which I was unable to chalk out in my previous post.

It has a lot to do with all that’s going on around me; in my mind and outside of it. A lot that I somehow find difficult to articulate, and some that remains embedded in my consciousness, waiting for some release, whenever that will happen. I’m not pushing it. Perhaps my block stems from this, and more. But I’m not pushing that, either.

Somewhere in the middle of all this rubble, I stumbled upon yet another piece of news? – for the lack of a better word – yesterday.

It was of this five year old boy from Syria. He goes by the name Omran.

He and his family seem to have miraculously made it out of their now bombed house. Have you seen the video that’s doing the rounds online? You can’t miss it, this stunned child sitting on a markedly orange ambulance seat.

It broke my heart.

There’s so much going on; so much we see and so much we don’t see or even hear about. I’m one to share things I find interesting or relevant or important to my list of causes I try and support in my own way. But to share that video was just impossible. I couldn’t even try to think about sharing it — what’s the point, I ask myself? We seem to know that our world is falling apart at large, we seem to be in tears or heartbroken, we seem angry and distressed…but I think that video made me feel like we’d lost it all…it made me feel like we live in a world devoid of hope or even just peace…what do we call the least amount of peace on the spectrum of peace? Yes, we seem to have not even that.

Yesterday shattered some part of my reserve, my faith, my attitude.

But I’m still going to pray.

I believe that helps.


One Response to “As The Day Passes…”

  1. banteringbangalorean August 30, 2016 at 12:45 PM #


    PS: waiting to read your post(s) on moving and settling and all the newness. :)


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