19 Jul

Back when we were younger, there was this tradition of sending cards out on the event of birthdays, anniversaries, festivals especially (and maybe only) for Rakshabandhan and even when it was time for our boards – X and XII. The really special cards came when we were turning 13 and 18 where the words ‘welcome to the teen club’ and ‘you’re an adult now’ respectively always had their place. Board exams saw their own variations – for class X it was about enunciating our bravado and courage; that we would indeed arrive at the other side with flying colours (another term that was always used by default) and that the respective card senders were proud of us; while cards for our class XII boards urged us on to get on the other side; we’d done it once, we would definitely do it again…with more flying colours.

But what was more precious and which held a higher place on the pedestal of feeling important was the act of writing letters. There would be a furore of letting writing activity especially after our summer holidays had ended where every letter would invariably burst with memories of the summer holidays that had gone past. I remember writing letters with more regularity than anything else I had chosen to voluntarily occupy my attention with, unless reading counts. The joy of receiving a letter or at seeing the postman/woman walk towards your gate with what could only look like a letter and not a parcel or a BSNL bill was paramount. I remember waiting for those days with a sense of excitement that I now feel on finding emails from loved ones in my inbox. Apart from the excitement of what that possible email could hold, it’s a breath of fresh air to see these gems amid the trash that has alarmingly made itself into my inbox.

I must admit that I don’t have an email writing habit and sincerely hope to put that into place. But these sporadic finds in this sea of junk – what once used to have zero unread emails, now see triple digits is how despicable the scenario has become – really are those rainbow moments in an otherwise randomly routine day. Snippets from a friend here or there, emails from mom which saw a slight rise once I’d left home and which I’ve, I’m ashamed to say, not kept up…they’re all a treasure. From discussing life to love to goals to music to TEDX talks to photographs and travel to things that are an interesting share; they’ve got it all.

When I came back to a more functional internet network, I saw a lot of yesterday spent in reading the articles my friends had shared and considered good reads. Here are some of them.

An interview with Arundhati Roy done by Elle.

This very realistic piece on the fetishization of travel which is fantastic.

I found this stark read on this virtual perfectionism we see all around us via social media and promptly shared it on my wall for my friends to read as well.

Before that, I stumbled across this piece about celebrating overworking in the ways that we do, which seems ever so rational.

But my most favourite off late has been this one which not just smashes the ball out of the park but hits the sweet spot every single time. I loved it and loved it and loved it some more. Do read Get the Epidural, it’s fantastic.

Needless to say that even though my post has taken on many other tangents, it’s the base fact that taking time out to share, talk, or even send random words and sometimes even cryptic sentences (if I were to look back at my past years) to the people I love, is beyond special to me.



One Response to “Emails”

  1. sandhyakml July 19, 2016 at 10:49 AM #

    Get the Epidural was totally phenomenal! Muat read the others on your post :)

    BSNL bill made me laugh and feel sad at the same time. Seems like another lifetime!


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