If I Could Turn Back Time…

13 Jul

I would find a letter addressed to myself that would say:

– Take care of yourself. Focus on your self. Yes, I would emphasize those two words as much as I could. I would decorate them with stars and sparkles and probably write them out in silver or gold.

– You’re on the right path. If you’re unaware of where you’re going and what you’re doing with your life, you’re on the right path because you’re still walking and have the need to go somewhere.

– Rest your faith in time and its absolute power.

– Surrender to the magic around you. Keep those bags down, stand up tall, and surrender.

– Keep an eye on your health. You aren’t getting any younger.

– But do know that your body is far more capable than your mind makes it to be. Push limits, build inner strength, challenge yourself mentally, physically and soulfully.

– Befriend patience, but stand up and ask or make a move, if you think the wait’s taking too long.

– Learn how to wear makeup, for Christ’s sake! While books, education, staying on the right path and building one’s self esteem is paramount, do understand that makeup is an art and needs to be known too.

– Stop caring so much about what others think. If it feels right, take the dive.

– However, learn to listen when you need to listen. Sometimes we’re so caught up with what we think is right and correct for us that we often fail to see it for what it could really be for us.

– Heartbreak is inevitable…so experience it rather than run away from it. More than your ex, it teaches you things you need to know about yourself.

– Fight. Fight for the things you want.

– Flirt. It helps ease things up sometimes.

– Relax. Life is unpredictable. You don’t want to live it with a constipated look.

– Learn that not every plan, every detail, every circumstance needs discussion and analysis.

– Letting go kills more fears than holding on.

– Embrace and understand failure to master the path of success.


One Response to “If I Could Turn Back Time…”

  1. Bonsai July 13, 2016 at 3:51 PM #

    We need to listen more. We know so little.


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