On A Day Like Today…

16 Jun

…when I don’t have anything to particularly crib, complain, act aunty-ish or adult about, I find myself turning to the playlist I’ve come back with after visiting my younger cousins. It’s nasty, sick, woah and catchy; all in one. Here’s what I’m currently trippin’ on and I’m sort of shocked, sheepish and extremely conscious of a) grooving to this kind of music, and b) sharing it. After a couple of trials, I finally found a version that was okay to share despite how outrageous the lyrics even are. It’s a scary world out there, I tell ya. And the things youngsters listen to/are exposed to today is even more scary. There, I just had to aunty it up somehow. Here it is; this blasphemous yet catchy tune that’s caught me in a trance like spin.


Moving on to more interesting things, the craving for a really strong and earthy cup of filter coffee made itself present yesterday. So I decided to fix myself a stiff one and have it for lunch given my caffeine sensitivity – my night sleep gets disrupted if I have a cup of tea (forget coffee) after 3pm, especially on a weekday when I really need to keep my sleep routine intact. However, because Murphy exists, the same case does not apply when I consciously have a cup of tea post 3pm on a weekend just so that I don’t become an aunty and head to bed by 930pm. This world has a strange way of functioning; it’s laughable.

That said cup mug of coffee happened and it had me from the first sip. It is hearty, warm, comforting and enveloping to be cradled and swathed in the feeling of having a really, really, good cup of tea or coffee. Nothing else matters in that moment, really. Do you also feel that way? Thy cup brimmeth with all things good and maybe that’s why I’m in absolutely no mood to care about the rest of the world even a day after that caffeine intake happened. In fact, today’s morning tea sort of felt insipid which is not how I wanted my day to start – but like Monica once said, I’ve lost the will to scold…except in my case, I’ve lost the will to care. My mug brimmeth over.

The weather is slowly turning but the heat isn’t. I’ve no idea when it will, and again, I’ve given up. The trees and plants around me do look fresher and greener but when it comes to living in NCR, it all feels like an illusion because the next day goes back to looking like no storm even took place. I might as well imagine that we live in a desert what with dust storms taking over. And that’s exactly what happens here. Our hour long flight dragged on for over four hours thanks to a dust storm that seized operations all over IGI. And while we were descending to land, once the strong winds and storm had subsided, it still felt we were going through a roller-coaster ride. I kept peeping out of my window whenever I could open my eyes, only to find sheets of rain illuminated every time the aircraft’s lights flickered – it looked so scary and monstrous that it reminded me of those fake scary sets old movies used to have. It was scary, in a very dramatic way. Bangalore seems so calm and collected, in comparison. So proper.

But it’s a good day to just let go and not think, worry, overthink, fret or even comprehend too much. And I’m going to do exactly that. Have a fabulous Thursday, folks!


3 Responses to “On A Day Like Today…”

  1. mmleonard June 16, 2016 at 11:52 AM #

    A good cup of coffee is how I need to start my day as well

    • Babushka June 16, 2016 at 12:26 PM #

      Hello and welcome here, Leonard! And yes, it’s one of the best things to begin one’s day with. :)


  1. Learning About Love | Babska's Journey - June 16, 2016

    […] It looks like I’m in the mood to write today. There is a tonne of work to be done and it’s not much of a surprise that it’s been kept aside, yet again. It’s a fact that I’m a procrastinator and that working under pressure seems to be the fuel I need to finish a task and to achieve a goal. But how much pressure now feels uncertain given how I’ve wasted my time away instead of doing the things that need to be done. And I’m not even talking about that pile of clothes which needs folding and hasn’t been approached/tackled since forever. It’s good to not care sometimes, because you want your spouse to help out with some of the housework before you end up doing it all without leaving any for them to do. But at the moment, it’s more about not caring than about implementing spousal domestication – haha – because I’m stuck at that ‘thy mug brimmeth over’ feeling since yesterday, which I wrote in my previous post. […]


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