Slowing Down, Gearing Up

1 Jun

Some days make you want to slow down and ease that pace out. They make you want to walk instead of run or jog, to take stock of all that’s happening and not happening, to become aware. Some days, on the other hand, make you want to charge right out the door and into the wide world outside without looking, thinking, feeling or even stopping. Days that leave you breathless, that keep you tied yet make you feel like you’ve flown through them without braking.

Today is an odd mix of both; one where I want to slow down and gather my self, my surroundings, my thoughts. It also makes me want to sprint really fast into oblivion without looking back. It’s mid-week and while the working world climbs and eventually makes it past the hump of the week, I feel like I’m sitting atop that hump and watching the view for some strange reason. That I’m sitting in a place that makes me want to stop and start. I’m wondering when I’m going to push myself off this and glide right through it all.

I’m cruising to this today.


Perhaps this is what’s causing me to feel the way I am…smooth yet rugged, slow yet racy.

Mood, they call it.

So mood it is.


4 Responses to “Slowing Down, Gearing Up”

  1. shreyans June 2, 2016 at 11:03 AM #

    very nice blog…both are equally important, running and stopping….
    thanks for sharing


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