Just Saying

24 May

Yesterday began with quite a bit of zeal, freshness and a kick that only Mondays can give me. My day began quite well and proceeded to look pretty good too – I got a lot off my check list – with productivity being the star of my day. However, one of my goals was to get here and write but there seemed to be a block going on. I entered this space with a neat and rounded 100 drafts and left with 104 and a good two hours washed off my ticking clock. I’ve no idea what’s feeding this block and for how long it’ll last. However, one thing was clear despite all the effort I’d put in (read: create conducive writing environment, play appropriate music should I like music, open all those openable doors and windows, focus on what you want to write about, among other significant and not so significant considerations), and it was that there were no words willing to make sense of what I wanted to make sense of or to help me put them on paper this blog, in general. No words.

I didn’t want to be blah and write about my weekend which was filled with food, chilled beer and tv. So I resigned to the demands of this block and let it be at that. If I had to wait, then wait I would have to.

The heat was damning and has been so for too many days now. My mother always told us not to use to the word damn – she was told by one of her German nun teachers not to use the word – and so I try my best not to use it, unless very necessary. Yesterday was one such afternoon that mandated the use of this word yet again; one that my senses really couldn’t fight and eventually gave into by way of slumber. When it’s really hot and you’ve a whirring fan rustling your hair and teasing your eyelashes, it’s a stressful fight to not give into, you know. And so I succumbed to it all – hard-working fan, cool breeze, rustling hair, inviting bed. But it wasn’t long before I woke up to the confusing madness that was going on outside. I love brightness, sunshine and light. Darkness within my house during daytime is not something I entertain or even acknowledge; and darkness during daytime is exactly what I woke up to. I am one of those creatures who likes a good afternoon snooze but who must wake up quite before sundown just so my nap doesn’t feel depressing and characteristic of having lasted forever; where I wake up knowing that there is more of the day left for me to do something (even if it is nothing) and that I haven’t spent my entire day engaged in a comatose state of sloth. Are you like that too?

So, I guess my senses, which can, and are quite tuned to getting alarmed quickly (talk about the drama, right?), woke me up to a blackish sky which I first thought were my myopic eyes playing a trick on me. But that wasn’t the case as I headed outside, upon which my slumber-driven confusion about a storm approaching, was confirmed. I didn’t pay much heed to it though because, if you have watched the movie Lagaan, you will understand that never have I seen so many ghanan ghanan moments followed by clouds going right past us moments, than I have over here. In Bangalore (which is my only point of reference, therefore kindly pardon my constant mention of it), when it thunders and the sky becomes black, there’s a 98% chance of rain following. Over here, not so much. But I still go bat-crazy when I see these grey clouds and go running outside in the hope that something will happen. Of course, nothing did. I even checked the weather app and it was bright and sunshiney in it. There was a smell of rain that lingered around, but I wasn’t feeling very hopeful.

Big, chunky drops of rain fell pretty lazily to the ground as if this was some sort of joke where God humoured us humans with a drop here and a drop there. But that was enough for the Bangalorean in me to go crazy and open all those doors and windows until I had to run and shut them right back, because hello massive dust storms. I had decided that whether it was to rain or not, I would have what I usually feel like having when it rains – a warm slice of cake. On hurrying (because when it storms, the power goes) to the microwave to get my fix of cake and while juggling to get the entire clothes stand inside without those precious freshly laundered clothes falling all over the place (because dust storms love mingling with precious freshly laundered clothes), the power decided to call a Murphy on me and died out. But my clothes were in, so I’d like to believe I wasn’t completely Murphied.

It did rain, eventually. It rained till God knows when. The bat-crazy person in me, thanks to my family’s ways, opened every possible door and window to get that cross-ventilation going (there was no chance of a dust storm now, thanks to all that rain). Our house was a cool, breezy haven within minutes. Of course there was no power so we shelved our Game of Thrones plan and opted to switch off all the battery-powered lights. We sat amidst a criss-cross-channel-current of a furiously happy, (and refreshingly) cold breeze going berserk inside the house, as our simple dinner of grilled paneer (cottage cheese) rolls and chilled buttermilk accentuated the experience. We eventually fell asleep to the sound of lightening, thunder, vigourously rustling trees and gentle dancing wind chimes playing musical chairs. Yesterday, and hopefully this block as well, couldn’t have ended better.


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