My Summer Picks

15 May

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent most of my life’s summers in a considerably weather-friendly city or maybe I’ve spent the last four summers cooped up in a large, centrally air conditioned atmosphere or maybe it’s both these facts coupled with my various other experiences of this season that have made me open my eyes towards living a summer in North India.

While I was born in this part of the country and spent a couple of years here, I remember Bangalore’s summers with greater accuracy and with now a tinge of envy as well. While the city singed at scary temperatures this season, that’s only as bad as it’s going to be, thankfully. (However, that doesn’t in any way justify or negate the telling signs of global warming we’re witnessing everywhere). But experiencing life-friendly temperatures isn’t the case with the North which is famous for its extremities. Our summer has just begun to show us his nasty side and we’ve a longish way to go before we see some respite.

This is my first summer here in a very long time and here are a few things that have made it a lot more bearable.

With appetites shrinking, this one’s a sure life saver. Cool, crispy, crunchy vegetables dressed ever so lightly and frivolously are ideal for sultry nights. Adding some grilled meat turns the dish a notch higher and no one’s complaining.

Kulfi. These small helpings of kulfi in various flavours do the trick when you need a little lift. We love the kesar badam ones most and could go back for seconds and thirds.

Open-faced sandwiches. I prefer having a heartier breakfast than a heavy lunch or dinner especially during summer. When the morning temperatures are a little more forgiving, these are great to boost one’s reserves with.

Chilled watermelon/fruit juices. ‘Nuff said!

Tender coconut water only post dusk, since the searing heat undoes the effects of this drink by making it hot and undrinkable.

Night walks; not just because they’re the best but because night walks in summer are accompanied by the wafting and lingering fragrances from gardens everywhere – you’re most likely to smell frangipani, night queen and jasmine – a must for the soothing of one’s senses.

I’m not a fan of alcohol during such extreme temperatures but this is one helluva bomb I stumbled upon in December. Hawaiian Iced Tea – an LIT that tastes of Malibu. What’s not to love about this lip smacker? Of course, this only comes second to my mind refreshingly favourite – mojito.

Easy summer wear with the key feature being ‘the lesser, the better’. Lesser on one’s face, lesser on one’s self and lesser on one’s feet; and it’s a sweet treat to your heat-crazed mind and body.

Lighter bedspreads just to helpslip into smaller comforts that most definitely play a role in how we feel. Avoiding dark colours works best while lighter colours automatically add a sense of lightness and ease.

Lassi, preferably lightly sweetened and beautifully thickened, served in clay mugs and garnished delightfully to make every summer complete.

No summer is complete without mango in it. However, given that summer has just arrived full fledgedly, it’s only a matter of time before we sink our teeth into its magic.

Till then, here’s what’s keeping us cool and sane.

What are your summer saviours?


3 Responses to “My Summer Picks”

  1. The Girl Next Door May 17, 2016 at 11:29 AM #

    You are so right – living in Bangalore for a while spoils you. You then find it tough to bear extreme weathers elsewhere, especially summers!

    How have I been beating the heat?
    1. Glasses of iced lemonade
    2. Different styles of buttermilk
    3. Light, light cotton clothes
    4. Beautiful hand-made soaps
    5. Different types of salads
    6. Gorging on a variety of summer fruits
    7. Evening walks
    8. As you say, the sweet sweet smell of summer flowers


    • Babushka May 17, 2016 at 2:07 PM #

      Wah, sounds just about perfect to me! No ice cream though?


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