Canine Comfort

10 May

From as far back as I can remember, my life has always had dogs in it, one way or the other. It’s been the longest time since I had one as a pet whom I could exclusively call my family’s and mine in the best, truest and most possessive sense of the word. But that never really stopped my brother or me from making dog friends in our neighbourhood as and when we moved places; carrying with us experiences and memories of fluff balls and very characteristic personalities, if I may say so. While my heart and soul craves to have one of my own, I know there lies a longish wait ahead just so we can keep the animal’s best interests in mind when choosing to get one for ourselves. To imply, the husband isn’t really all over the place in love with them like yours truly can be; however, his rationale towards not getting a dog just so we can feel happy about it without considering it being left alone at home while we’re out at work, speaks well of not just his tolerance towards dogs but also about the practicality of such a situation. It’s another thing that marriage goals involve getting one’s spouse on to the other side without much friction which I hope will someday work and help us be dog parents eventually. But till this distant goal looks more attainable, here’s what I’ve been up to unabashedly.


Friends, meet Potato. (Look at those eyes…)

He is our neighbourhood dude who takes it as his sole right and purpose to boss over the other dogs here and the stray rag picker or Maruti van that may threaten his surroundings and most importantly, his space and mental peace. He is unapologetically moody and doesn’t hurry time when it comes to lowering his ears or showing some of us kind humans his softer side. He may look at you occasionally, but that’s about it. A tail wag is questionable and mostly doubtful.

I came across him when I moved here. Back then we maintained our distance from each other even if I tried extending a warm hand of friendship. Clearly he didn’t think much of it. Befriending him was a priority and something I still try and work hard towards; and that simply meant me collecting bones and saving them for him which he would sneakily gobble down behind the garden’s bushes. However, many bone feeding instances later yielded no tail wag or signs of affection either. The only thing he would do is look at me more…long enough for me to get that picture in place.

But over the months, I’ve been able to work on his trust a little bit at a time, and today, this is where our relationship stands.


He feels more free to sit by my gate for hours on end – at first I thought it was to ease off from the sun under the shade of trees, but I learnt it’s more than just to get free and safe shade – and he allows me to sit by his side (though still at a slight distance) enough for me to take his picture. Also, he now lowers his ears on seeing me, which is heartening.


And much to my joy, he (sometimes) urges me to pet him by coming up to me and nudging me…which is such a great sign and so rewarding.

As time progressed, so did our attitude towards each other. He now feels more free to enter my space without feeling scared or being distant about it.


As usual, he seems far from apologetic for staking claim on my porch.

And yesterday, this happened, at the risk of destroying one of my potted plants on which he chose to conveniently rest his face.


That’s him not just sitting very regally in a space that he has decided is his, but that’s him leaning on my plants and that’s him keeping his arch rival (a rather simple and sweet dog) at bay. However, suddenly being promoted to being an alpha male, he allows his lady to sit by his side which works best for me as I have one more canine friend to make.


Meet Susie (doesn’t she look like a Susie?). She is definitely more clean, well mannered and gentler than this brown fatty who thinks the world is his.

Susie has no airs to her and loves her biscuits and bones. However, like every other female across all species and living beings, her genteelness cannot be mistaken for weakness given she’s at the front when it comes to keeping her space safe. Of course like every other female, she’s also picky about the battles she fights.

It’s no wonder there’s so much to learn from Nature and her children. After all, we are a part of this big family and it’s heartening to know that we have so much to give to each other. Even Potato Fatty who usually doesn’t give a shit.


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