Me-Time Possessiveness

8 Apr

I am possessive about certain quite a few things – the names I give people and expect nobody else to use while addressing said people, my very limited makeup accessories (namely my kajal, lip balm and lipstick), my books, my quilt, my camera, my space, and of course, my me time. The list can be quite endless…it is a feat to have narrowed it down to these few for now though.

It really doesn’t matter what I do during this time and how long for. More often than not, and much before I realise it, my time goes in thinking and doing nothing. It’s a disease, I tell you.

However, when all is not lost to my wandering mind and its flying pages, here’s what I usually end up doing this during my my-time time.







Imagine the horridness of it all when you take time out, make the necessary arrangements, finish all that needs finishing so you can spend this time all by yourself minus any guilt and savour it greedily when it gets interrupted by unforeseen and/or unwanted elements?

It happened today when I, after finishing all that needed finishing, sat down with my perfect cup of filter coffee and my perfectly toasted toasts lathered with butter melted perfectly on them, only to have my doorbell ring just as soon as I was about to read my newspaper, bite into those toasts and sip on my coffee.

I guess some days exist only to teach you a lesson or two.

Lesson: you’ve been having too many my-time days, so stop feeling bad about one interrupted instance and savour that coffee before it gets rancid.


One Response to “Me-Time Possessiveness”


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