3 Mar

Today has been a day to remember not because I want to, but because I really must. The universe, it was apparent, was trying to talk to me. And talk to me, it did. Again. And again. And again, every second minute. Enough to make me realize that today must be remembered and perhaps written about as well. Not enough to make me sit back and relax just yet. Because…

I woke up minus feeling my regular self after a good night’s very restful sleep. Something was amiss. I wasn’t quite sure. I figured it was my lazy mind playing games with me even before I’d decided to open my eyes. But I let it be and slept in a few minutes longer.


The husband got out of the shower, got ready for work and exclaimed how we had run out water. There was not a drop to be seen from the taps. He’d heard the motor on when he woke up earlier and the fact that there was still no water meant the one and only thing I didn’t want it to mean – our water tank had run dry. Wowzie!


Frantic calls were made because hello this was an emergency, we needed water and no, my call last week for that free water supply was not taken as seriously as it should have been. But madam we are sending water twice a day, have received no complaints so far and will not be able to send your requested free tank of water because they have been deployed elsewhere, is all I was specifically told.


Another set of customer grievance calls were made and complaints were angrily made. Madam, we cannot guarantee any water immediately and will try our best is what I was told. Your complaint has been noted and should be handled within 48 hours, a sneaky SMS followed.


I realised I was getting late for an appointment and needed to freakin’ brush and perhaps maybe just dab my face with a little bit of that missing water and get ready to leave.


We (our compound shares three houses) were to wait for a couple of hours before another exorbitant water tanker was made available to us. I had no time, I was to leave, and all the above-mentioned necessities were performed (regretfully but hurriedly) with that single glass of drinking water.


I was at my said appointment and realised I was unprepared for yet another spoke in the wheel that was my day’s activities…a very crude reminder that there will come a day, no matter how prepared you really are and always have been all your life, when you will be caught off guard. And so it happened – much to my horror, I discovered that my otherwise well stocked handbag shockingly revealed to not have what I desperately needed in order to handle my uterus’s monthly (but totally unexpected) visitor, today.


Panic stopped becoming a word or even a feeling and instead became the necessity to make a quick dash back home while I was still in the middle of unfinished work because ladies around me weren’t as helpful or resourceful as I had imagined. Why wouldn’t you carry sanitary napkins with you at all times, ladies? Why?


I got back home to learn that the water tanker was made best use of by us and that we were made even better use of because we were charged a 50% hike from what is the normal fee. But don’t worry, our tank is full and there is water even though we need to be a little careful, is what I was told.


My burning hunger thanks to my rather unforeseen morning made me dash to make some rice only to open the tap and find zero water at the receiving end.


I learnt that a trapped air bubble was preventing the flow of water… a predicament which needed to be fixed immediately.


The guy who came to fix the air bubble broke the kitchen tap – all this while my hunger was still tearing away at my already cramping insides.


I couldn’t care any more because I was hungry, in pain and fried enough to demand my lone time, broken tap and all, just so that that much needed curd rice could be worked upon.


I sat down to eat when the doorbell decided to ring just then.


I opened my door to find the free water tanker guy standing outside my door.


We filled more water because we had more space for some… it was free water after all, one must never say no, is what I was told.


I came back inside to finally begin eating when I was called again outside…

Frustrating, isn’t it? Today really has been relentless. The universe really did want to just keep talking to me today and at every single point when I thought I’d finally seized a moment to savour, just by myself, something always came up. I’ve managed to have my curd rice meal, managed to get myself a hot water bag and I’ve managed to be able to sit down and narrate this madness with the very handy support of a cup of tea and my home made cookie.

But I’m not resting yet for the day isn’t really over.

Dear universe, this is just an ordinary girl (on her period) asking you to give her some space.


7 Responses to “Relentless”

  1. sandhyakml March 3, 2016 at 7:00 PM #

    Aiyoo! *hugs*

    • Babushka March 3, 2016 at 8:04 PM #

      No? But it was managed. And may be okay to laugh over, tomorrow. :P

  2. Divya March 10, 2016 at 11:42 AM #

    Oho, so much trouble for a day. I hope you pampered yourself silly the next! :hugs:

    • Babushka March 10, 2016 at 1:33 PM #

      I think I’m making up for that day, today. Thanks for stopping by and *hugs* back! :)

  3. Rahul Singh March 22, 2016 at 1:26 AM #

    Hi Babushka
    Very well written blogs and nice thoughts.

    I am techie Product Manager, working as a Co-Founder in a startup that is working on the concept of redefining the way young people find the prospective matches for marriage.

    I would like to learn frorm your experience.
    I would like to discuss with you the possibility to work with us a key Advisor that would help serve the needs of the people seeking brides and grooms.

    Let me know your thoughts on this.

    • Babushka March 22, 2016 at 4:12 PM #

      Hi Rahul,
      Welcome to this blog and thank you for visiting and reading it.
      Your comment is very interesting and I would like to know more about this proposition you’ve talked about here. Perhaps you could throw some more light on this in order for me to understand this better.
      Please feel free to contact me on my email which is a more conducive place to take this forward. Looking forward to hearing from you at this address – babushkachauhan[at the rate of]gmail[dot]com
      Thank you.


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