Current Situation

2 Mar

I have to constantly remind myself that just because I am not working at a concrete and glass spaceship does not mean that I am not doing any work at all. Looking after a house, the multitude of responsibilities that just shower themselves upon you once you move out of home into your own place, a spouse, your own self and your sanity is A LOT of work. Especially the bit about looking after your self and your spouse. And the house. And your sanity. Oh gosh darnit, it all is a lot of work.

A lot of me is thankful that I’m not working at a concrete and glass spaceship just yet because it will happen eventually (1010020 points on that rare optimism!) and this time I have to myself is too precious for me to let go off or even think of abandoning. In the meantime, here’s what my current situation is like:

– My obsession with slightly toasted bread lathered with an equal and healthy mix of melted butter and mango jam has never been stronger.
– I have taken a step back from Facebook for a bit (check on sanity and its maintenance). Let’s see how long for.
– Currently trying to get my head around how to tackle the slight chill in the air without lying in a melted pool of sweat, all thanks to this weather change.
– Attempting to step out beyond the walls of my residential area and explore my new city of residence, though still highly wary and mostly nervous, thanks to all the riff-raff that’s around.
– Trying to learn how to do laundry the proper way because clearly, I’ve no certain idea about it given the many laundry mishaps I’ve put my husband’s (office) clothes and mine through. The list is endless from dealing with lint to colour to woollens to whites. Whodaeverthunk?!
– Engaging in very healthy doses of reading books
– Desperately trying to find a decent soul who will do me the ultimate favour of just dropping a damn newspaper at my house on a daily basis. I will pay, naturally. And thank you ever so much you unhelpful neighbours and stupid justdial, sulekha and new unhelpful city of residence in general. You suck.
– Trying very hard to undo the knot that has cushioned itself on my ever-growing love handle because of this one activity I engage in for long hours at a stretch throughout the day – sitting.
– PLANNING MEALS. Worst. headache. ever. No really. This is a no dal-rice-boring sabzi everyday meal house apparently. So yay me. Creativity: zero. Frustration level: 82340%. Babska: failure.
– Almost always desperate for a genie.
– Almost always also desperate for an ice cream parlour. A decent one. And no, I’m not talking about decency in terms of swanky Swenson’s and such. I just want a good ice cream place like Corner House. Is it really that hard? Apparently it is.
– Surviving on frozen yoghurt instead. So much mediocrity, it’s not even funny, forget satisfying.

It’s no wonder that going mad is an easier option than I’d thought earlier. With so much going on and not going on, it’s really shocking how the world carries on and how women really manage their life and the lives of others with so much ease and sanity. Or maybe behind every sane looking lady who looks like she’s got it all under control is a completely loony woman who wants to throw it all in the wind for even the briefest of moments, go berserk and run wild like Phoebe does. Yes, that just must be it.



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