That Resurfacing

23 Feb

A good month of zero writing which burst at its seams with words that were waiting for their release, but had none. Without many details, when I’m asked how I spend my day; which zips past without much deliberation – January is a fine example – I’m always at a loss for words. There are no chores or duties caged to a to-do list that are extraordinary or non-domestic in nature. And still I’m falling short of time to do the things I really do want to do. How sad is that?

Call it a complete lack of discipline or efficiency in managing my house and the long list of things I want to engage in, but it is a reality that has stamped itself on my conscience for a while now. I really do marvel at how people manage their home, office, personal and interpersonal affairs with an air of absolute nonchalance and complete ease. Perhaps it’s a calling to nosedive into these self-help books that have sprouted in every corner just to help people like me.

It’s been a very hectic and busy month of feeling completely at home, in every sense of the word. A true believer in disconnection when necessary has found me staggering off the online world, for good reason, without a doubt.

And now I’m here again, hoping to feel a little less indulgent and lazy, and more productive with my mind that’s bursting with the goodness of just having come back from home. (That haiku should be proof enough!)



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