Time Bubble

14 Jan

It was here and here that I wrote about this weird time warp sort of contraption that I’m floating in… you know the one where one day melts into the other till you realise you did something 2397 years ago but it felt like only yesterday… the one where you gasp and frown and exclaim at just where all that in-between time went? It’s still on, that contraption. Time has shifted in such a definitive sense, especially this past year, and I wonder if it takes such big events like these to put things into perspective? Like you realise your clock’s ticking because you do something significantly different from the usual that it makes you stop and manually peruse through all that’s been and happened. Sometimes I wonder if our lives have become so mundane that it takes something out of the ordinary to act as bookmarks to plot the junctures we’ve arrived at? Or are we just so oblivious and caught up in time’s haze that we imagine the world will continue as we desire it to? I think I do that a lot. I imagine that live my life as if the most precious people in my life will never change and will remain forever young, forever present and forever everything… like it’s all some sort of agreement that my ignorant subconscious has with this universe; that it’s all sorted, settled and well taken care of.

Today Alan Rickman died. To those like me who never remember names or aren’t good with them, he’s the actor who played Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series, among many others. Not to sound morbid or anything, but people are dying. People closer to my world and its familiarities are constantly reminding me of this swift-footed thing we call Time. And with every such passing comes a harsh and unwanted prick that’s getting harder to brush aside or ignore. It’s not something we feel comfortable in bringing to the fore of our consciousness, forget it being something we like talking about. But it is this hard-hitting reality that is getting harder to dodge and be ignorant of. Of course, it’s not like these pricks are meant to be kept under a constant spotlight or to be something we obsess about over and above the joy of living the life we’re blessed to live.

I think they just act as those reminders we snooze as much as we can. I guess we get only a limited set of these necessary alarm clocks, as ghastly as those contraptions are, and there’s only so many times we can snooze them. Today was one of those days. While it’s scary and something so hard to confront, it’s a reminder of the obvious – that nothing really is forever; and that arriving at this fine line of letting go, accepting reality and living life to the fullest and with contentment, is mandatory, preferably sooner than later.

As for Snape, he was made for always.

May you rest in peace, sir.


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