Do You Do This?

14 Jan

As random as this is, and as coincidental as this is, I do indulge in this madness on a very regular basis; as you’re about to see.


Having this craze for things to be in a particular order and for symmetry and every other excuse I can find, it’s such a pleasure to chance upon this phenomenon, as I’d like to call it.

If that wasn’t enough, imagine my joy on finding these sequences.




While my sanity, and now my sleep, is a matter of question/debate, I must say that this craze turned habit is hard to give up.



And if you do dabble with this sort of craziness or thrill, do you do this as well?


You do, don’t you?

I knew we were on the same page.

But this craziness aside, it’s not just the love for symmetry and numbers in sequences that’s exciting. It’s the absolute coincidence of chancing upon this sort of stuff that makes it even more delightful and thrilling; for no reason whatsoever.

Ah well, small joys need no reasons or explanations, yes?



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