The One About Time

6 Jan

Snug in whatever warmth I can collect inside my house but surrounded by the constant cacophony of bird conferences just outside, I’m enveloped in a sense of both comfort and newness all in one. It’s comfortable because this space I just called my house has begun feeling more and more like home than it did yesterday, the day before and the day before that as well, and so on. The gushing sound of water right into the sump coupled with the passing of a car’s woofers, from the hustle of kids playing outside before the sun rapidly makes his exit to the slinking of dusk’s tinkling arrival where birds hurry to settle into place and peacocks decide to give their neighbourly explorations a rest for the day, all make themselves fit into that package which spells the clocking of yet another day. The not so distant hum of an aircraft preparing to set hundreds of feet on the same ground it eases itself to land on disappears as soon as it arrives. And that same stillness shuffles her feet to make herself comfortable again. Come the arrival of Time dressed for a show he visits everyday, Evening and Night hold hands and prepare to enthral him yet again, like they do when he visits them everyday, exactly on time and in place – a daily routine with a new surprise every day. For today, my garden flowers have bloomed.

Tomorrow is a new leaf and an undiscovered opportunity, kept under wraps so we can sit back with Today and marvel at her sense of incomplete collectedness. Because there’s always room for more or less, whichever she chooses to employ in her services with Tomorrow.

There’s a reassurance that faith goes hand in hand with security and a love for strength that sometimes overpowers the pride of safety itself. Sometimes. And that Time has his way of walking by your side no matter how newness gleams on his ancient face every single day. Because he’s waiting for me to blossom and burst into peals of happy surprises and laughter when Tomorrow gears himself to hold my hand and guide me to wherever he’s planned I must go.




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