Au Revoir

31 Dec

Tempted to wallow in the luxury of catching up on the episodes of Downton Abbey I’d missed all these days versus making an appearance here was quite the challenge, if not conflict that kept running through my mind, carelessly interfering with my enjoying the latest from the Grantham household. So I’m here, albeit for a quick check-in, because it’s the last day of the year and all that sentimental stuff that gets people like me away from the tv shows they enjoy watching.

Facebook, through their casual wall prompt, has given its users the impetus to reflect on what the year has been like and how they intend to bid it goodbye this New Year’s Eve. I was tempted to do the same and even began my reverie when the idea of putting my thoughts into words here made more sense. This isn’t really a very long post or one that is typical of an annual review as such. The sun is on its way to setting on the final day of this year and I can only look back at this year with fondness, love and a laugh or two.

For the year that has pushed me out of my comfort zone more than I would’ve liked or permitted; for the year that made me realise that Time and the Universe have their own way of working and making the world go round despite how much control one may think they have of their life; for the year that taught me about love, respect, honour, letting go, duty, emotion and character in all their absolute qualities; and for the year that held my hand and taught me how to float, if not swim (yet); I owe my heartfelt thanks, gratitude and respect.

Life really does have its own way as it always has been since time immemorial. It’s a strange feeling to let go and see how, really, in this grand scheme of things, your role isn’t left out or forgotten. It’s a point of validation that seldom anything else is.


Watching the last sunset of this year, I can only say au revoir, 2015. You’ve been a treasure and one that will always be closer to my heart than I had imagined. Here’s wishing you, dear reader, a very lovely NYE and a brilliant start to what I hope is another brilliant year.

Much love and all the madness there possibly can be,




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