Two By Two

30 Dec

We’re heading to a brand new year at lightening speed and while it’s astounding how 2015 flew by, 2016 is day-after-tomorrow away…like so crazily close by. I presume a lot of us are looking back and making year-end reviews of how 2015 fared in general and like always there will be those of us daring enough to approach the R word. I wish I was daring enough, except a) I find it hard to make resolutions that are more evergreen than temporary, b) it’s extremely challenging to follow them to the tee because we all know how important and consequently sparse the quality of discipline is in yours truly, c) I’m a bad loser and feeling like a loser for resolutions you made for yourself plus watching them fail (almost miserably) is just something a bad loser cannot deal with very gracefully. So yes, while I’d love to be more gutsy about them, I’m those types who sets goals as and when the need to set goals arises. I find that short-term goals work better than an amassed list of goals to be achieved over a longer period of time. Of course it’s a different thing that my list of goals is empty at this very moment – let’s call it the holiday rest my goals need before they can get to work again.

This post isn’t actually a 2015 review as much as I would love to sit down and reminisce this most challenging, eventful and gorgeous year. Perhaps I will because its significance deserves a look through and lots of gratitude, just by default. In the mean time, here’s what I’d actually come to talk about.


No, this isn’t about a bitten-into pav as much as it is about the challenge and now latest project of cooking for two. Yep, this shit just got real bruh!

Perhaps you’re an expert at this sort of thing, but for someone like me who only stepped into the kitchen to make fancy-schmancy meals whenever the tummy and mind or brother desired, this is nothing short of a trial, if I may say so. At first it was mind bogglingly difficult not because there was nothing to cook, but because when it was time to be put to test, my mind stopped functioning and all the pretty ideas I had in my head had all just vanished. Perhaps this was Murphy’s sick doing but it was almost punishing to have zero ideas come mealtime. My confidence and motivation in the kitchen dwindled to an embarrassing low; one that was too scary to let take control for more than its due stay.

Today, post many meals being ordered from outside to copious number of trips to the market and grocer, that predicament’s less threatening than before. It still shows up sometimes, but is more easy to handle now. Perhaps it was the initial phase of being in a new space with a multitude of new responsibilities that didn’t take much effort to shut my systems down. Having spent more time and having had the space to adjust into this new chapter, it’s a bit more comfortable and a little less raw and frightening.

However, today I face the challenge of cooking for two and sometimes one. We’re not big eaters and this can be a real challenge to those of us who perhaps get a little too enthusiastic in the kitchen, if I may. Therefore ending up with servings that outdo our eating capacities for over one meal is nothing new and nothing shocking any more. It is, nonetheless, something that needs to be tackled and worked on immediately, what with the pinch of wasted food being too hard to miss. While it is a test on one’s creativity and ability to think diversely, it is a pain and really, who loves eating stale food on a regular basis?

The tales of running and maintaining a healthy, happy, clean and peaceful house are endless and these concepts seem idealistic to me. I think we were lied to and told pretty tales like they always do in movies but then you’re smarter and knew better. However, here’s one specimen who took ideal movie-like situations a bit too seriously I guess. Because here’s what I’ve landed up with on countless and one occasions.



I have no idea what strike of fancy hit me to roast so many peanuts in one go or to soak chole (garbanzo beans/chickpeas) sufficient to feed a hungry army or to even load my entire pan with spinach Popeye would take his sweet time to eat over days. In addition to this already crazy madness, imagine one’s plight when you’re presented with coriander leaves (cilantro) equivalent to that of an entire field when you ask the husband to hop over and buy you some. The examples are endless and I’m waiting for when the properties of balance and measurement will make themselves present to me.

While it is a challenge and more than what can be chewed on at one go, it’s all a part of every homemaker’s story and their trials in figuring the road of balance out. I’m sure you’ve got it sorted if your forte lies in this sort of thing and I cannot wait to master this baby.

Let’s not even get started on cooking for one.


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