Winter Debauchery

23 Dec

I think it’s fast becoming a tradition to open every blog post with a weather status update, and so I must continue/maintain the same.

It was 5 degrees Celsius the other day. Of course I was told this much after the figure decided to change to a higher number, what with the added psychological effect of feeling cold in accordance to numbers presented to you, yes? I gasped on hearing the news of the dip but since the given moment had passed (and strategically so), I wasn’t able to be as dramatic and ‘psyhcological’ about it as I would’ve liked.

The sun has decided to sit behind a curtain of clouds and smog today and I miss him dearly. So very dearly. I hear it’s going to get worse what with the added touch of rain and a hibernating sun. I’m not looking forward to that experience as such. At present I am sitting on a blanket on a sofa; woollen socks, fleece pyjamas and added warm wear. My exposed fingers have a different story to narrate what with me erasing the many typos created courtesy them.

However, come what may, I’m delighted to be in a place where the beautiful seasons we talk about in such glory are so well defined. Winter feels like a time when you’re bundled up, snarfing down warm, beautiful winter food like one should, winter inconveniences aside. The produce, the vegetables, the colours, the feeling; it’s one I’m getting to experience after decades; and much to my surprise, it’s one that I missed. I love winters minus the struggle of having to get out of anything warm and cozy. It’s an experience I’ve always loved and look forward to. I’m not so sure I feel the same way about any other season, maybe barring Fall and Spring, respectively.

Winter has brought with it a sort of debauchery that is true to its character. There’s been a lot of eating (of the stuff winter demands), a lot of clothing and there’s been a lot of snuggling in big, fat, very warm quilts that are synonymous with winter. Of course the feeling of  dipping my freezing hands into hot water is something else altogether and one that I’m still unable to word effectively; it’s a sort of prickling numbness that I’ve never experienced before…like that of hot water attempting to (very vigorously) get its heat molecules charged to combat the cold with a vengeance; except that the end result is most definitive and which feels like pins pricking your skin to an extent that the heat feels cold. It’s so weird but something that is stark and so new that I’m curious enough to keep experiencing it till my curiosity permits.


I love this season so much and even though it’s been such a long time since I experienced a proper north Indian winter in its force, I’m looking forward to the experience; inconveniences and all. I’m glad to be here and watch winter unfold in her characteristic way, and what a marvellous season she can be.


I’ve grown up understanding vegetables to be defined by their seasons, as they are here where seasons are so beautifully spelt out. Having spent most of my life in Bangalore whose seasons are less defined and therefore whose produce is more or less stable throughout the year (much to my happiness, especially while growing up), I was so heartbroken to learn that it wouldn’t be the same once I left. However, as always, Nature has her way of giving you what you need exactly when you need it. And so I’m a happy kitten skipping in the glory of everything that this season has to offer.


The greenest, freshest peas and the reddest, crunchiest carrots – ta die for, and something so native of the north. I’m wallowing in the wowness of it all, and of course I’m crunching them down like I haven’t ever before.


And customary to every north Indian winter, roasted peanuts with masala salt and chutney is a given. They complete every winter experience and so, just to soak in the experience of it all to the maximum, I went and roasted an entire packet of them the other day. Of course no one is complaining because it’s a part of the winter package and something we munch on quite automatically.


Kullar chai


Pakoras and steamed chicken momos


Aloo bread pakora and samosas with chutney

It’s been a month since I left my home to make my new home and all I can say is that it’s been filled with copious amounts of chai, coffee and food. Mandatorily. And I’m not complaining. Except my clothes don’t fit as well anymore. Sigh.


3 Responses to “Winter Debauchery”

  1. mukul chand December 23, 2015 at 6:25 PM #

    Great Post


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