Plans and Such

14 Dec

Armed with my mug of chai made with milk powder (a necessary mention) and this laptop which I’ve placed on the sofa’s armrest as a makeshift table, I feel as prepared to write this as lost as I feel about the day in general. To clarify, it’s not like there’s nothing to do at home or that I don’t have set goals for the day, it’s just that I find myself sitting here instead of tackling my tasks head on, which makes the task master in me feel a tad bit lost. Well, not everything goes as per set plans and that’s exactly what I’ve come here to talk about, should there be keen listeners…I mean readers.

It’s getting progressively colder and I can feel the change in temperature with more sensitivity than I had imagined. Coming from Bangalore, I had perceived to feel nothing less than bone-cold on the first day I landed here, and progressively worse as winter makes itself home and wraps us in its chilly, freezing grasp. But much to my surprise, it’s been manageable so far, warm fleece pyjamas and all, and it hasn’t been as nightmarish as I had envisioned it to be. Of course it’s another thing that winter has just about started here, in the north, and we have a couple months before the madness subsides.

Talking about plans I had made very comfortably in the confines of my cushy head living a rather cushy life in Bangalore, here were a few others (key point to note is the usage of tense. haha!)
Fresh meals tailored to the likes of my husband and I.
Varied fresh meals made from only the freshest produce I would pick up from the market on a daily basis.
– A spick and span house with absolutely no dust, dirt or junk.
– Freshly laundered clothes that would be ironed and in our cupboards smelling of warmth, sunshine and of course cleanliness. Yes, cleanliness also has a fragrance that is only the most comforting smell ever.
– A marvellous routine involving healthy amounts of physical activity, healthy eating and taking care of the husband and myself.
– Scheduled amounts of “me” time that would comprise either reading or just spending time with my mad self doing as I wished.

…the list was endless and I’ve cut it short to prevent further embarrassment.

On reviewing how these plans have spanned, here’s what has happened so far:

– I’ve managed to cook just about thrice in the week that I’ve been here. Thank God for maggi and eggs!!
– Talking about variation is just embarrassing now. It is amazingly ironic how when you’re blessed with good, hot, comforting food back at home that you dream and wish of how you will change ‘the monotony’ once things are in your control. Come control and my mind has turned into the blank slate I never even thought it could be, especially in this matter. Let’s not even get into the use of ‘fresh produce’ because well, let’s not (reminder that my tea has been made with milk frikkin powder). I came to love the word ‘produce’ ever so much because it sounds so positive and healthy and inviting. I still do love it, but maybe from a distance, because guess what, I got no fresh produce springing into my kitchen as I had imagined…sorry, planned. And to think I wanted to open a cafe. Haha, I can see the universe just laugh at my plans.
– As for the housekeeping bit, there are pockets that are spick and span which makes me feel content beyond description; pockets at home that I frequent more than the others. But then there’s a vast amount that still needs a lot of panning and picking at first. Like I said earlier on, I’ve goals now. Housekeeping goals. Of course it was the husband who, in his attempt to calm my panic at the herculean task that lay ahead, suggested I take it one step at a time; that no one would judge and that this wasn’t a test or a competition. He makes sense but maybe being a guy, he doesn’t really comprehend the gravity of what dirt can make a cleanliness freak feel like.

– I have never done so much laundry in my life. Never. And with clothes taking their sweet time to dry because we barely get any sun, it makes the experience all the more nail-biting. However, there is nothing to compare to the joy of freshly laundered clothes. It smells and feels divine. No, really. Though this lovely laundry doesn’t magically appear in our cupboards, ironed and all, as I had again planned, or imagined, in this case.

– With respect to healthy eating and physical activity, I can safely vouch for the absolute lack of it all. It is scary and it is scarier still. I can feel the marvellous fruits of inactivity making themselves feel very at home on my own person!

It is annoyingly funny how it all seems so comfortable and worked out in one’s head and just how magically it all falls flat when you’re actually put to test. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s probably to not plan as much; or rather to not be rigid with plans. Because really, moms are great and they’re universal geniuses and newly married women are just not even close and our homes will never be as warm, comforting and magical as our mothers’. It’s a fact and so it is. And that once you have washed all your laundry and done all the dishes, you will find that odd thing that really also needed washing which got left out from your pile. Because it’s the law of housekeeping and the universe needs a laugh once in a while. So I’m going to try and laugh along whenever I can, too.



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