What’s New On Babska’s Journey

9 Sep

There are days when nothing can slay the inertia that makes work look suffocating; so much that even the rising pop-up alerts of emails makes you not want to give a fuck. I’m assuming the combination of saturation and the need to solve a problem that refuses to succumb to (or is it in?) an answer is to blame. The problem being the puzzle that is the organization of this blog.

It’s not like this is a hi-funda space where I’ve multiple updates on a daily basis. Neither is it one of those professional blogs that needs to look a certain way. As long as it is organized and neat and not screaming into the user’s face and experience, I’m cool. And so in an attempt to enhance this so called user experience, I figured I’d try and mix catalogue things better (damn you, American English, for red-lighting every other word we’ve grown up accepting the only way we know how to!), except that things didn’t go as planned.

Being a tech geek is one thing. Being a blogger is another. And by that I mean all tech geeks can be bloggers but the same cannot be applied the other way around. It helps to have these small mercies in life that don’t make you feel useless and incompetent in this age of rapidly advancing technology. No? So naturally, the random blogger in me set out to figure just how this organizational procedure could be taken forward.

What first happened was chaos, but naturally.
It was swiftly followed by irritation, annoyance and very strong urges to give up (because the internet connection also decided to be a snazzy SoB yesterday).
Next came large amounts of reading about things I couldn’t make sense of.
The previous step led to me to choosing my bed and the temptation of a night’s sleep over all the tech jargon I was inflicted by, which seriously, is a load! I have no idea what kicks people get from using, flinging and mastering jargon unless required in specifically scientific places/scenarios.
This morning then saw me wake up with a burning need to figure this puzzle out. Do you face the need to finish something you once started, especially if it looks like a puzzle you can sort of figure your way through?
Post some tweaking and editing and deleting and re-editing and canceling and undoing and redoing, I was able to do this – get my copyright up (woot!) – at the cost of some other stuff vanishing. While it wasn’t what I’d started this tech-journey for, it was something I was happy to stumble upon.
And then this happened – a separate space that helps classify all my food-related posts in one place. I’ve just about managed to create this (For The Love Of Food), where my Monica tendencies can feel at home (while the feeling lasts).

Hover your cursor on it and you can toggle between options that are, of course, food related. By clicking on these options, you will be led to separate spaces where all those particular food posts related to the toggle option will be. I feel like a genius.

Having said that, I’m unsure if this is going to be a redundant feature since food-related posts will anyway appear on my homepage as well. But I will bask in the glory of having navigated my way around WordPress and tinkering at the nuts and bolts of this blog to arrive at some semblance of orderliness, if I may.

Here’s to small baby steps in what will hopefully be the way forward! :)



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