Things I’m Doing Before I Leave Bangalore – V

7 Sep

My lack of willpower when it comes to food is preventing me from being bridanal about one of the most crucial things brides usually are anal about – not gaining weight/losing the perfect bridal figure (whatever that’s supposed to mean). It’s not as if people aren’t already weighed down by unreal and unnatural ideals of body shape and size, often clouding the understanding of their own body shape and size, that we have an added pressure of “not gaining weight”. Obviously this pressure is too much for my food-loving, almost gluttonous habits, which is why steering clear of it is easier and makes me feel more at peace. Friends, I don’t know how you do it on a regular basis, forget for when special occasions arise. Kudos to your will power. (Let’s note that this isn’t addressing that section of us who refuse to eat their meals point blank; for that, well, I’m not speaking about today.)

Naturally whilst I’m on an expedition to eat my remaining days in Bangalore away, the resulting gift of extra adipose is a concern, though one that hasn’t rung its alarm bells in my consciousness yet. I’m hoping I won’t be too off my rocker and that if I do go past the line, these alarm bells ring sooner. Le sigh.

The weekend has been of eating and eating some more; of eating to the point where one automatically felt the need to get their butt moving rather than sit back and let their digestion envelop them in a siesta. While there was no walking of the “exercise” category involved, there was just enough to lead us to another *waitforit* food place, but naturally. Where has this need to eat come from? Is it because of the excessive importance we give to food everywhere the mind and eye can reach or is it that we’ve been so deprived of food all our lives? Clearly it’s the former of course. We do have much healthier and stronger generations before us to prove that fact, yes we do.

From joyous ice cream moments to seafood shenanigans, from toasts to iced teas, I’ve no idea how varied and crazy things did become over the weekend. While listing down all the places I love visiting, and will hopefully continue visiting, is beginning to make a heavy impact on the scales, here’s a place for all you seafood lovers that I’m most delighted to share.

We barely even looked at the menu of this restaurant which made me almost feel like I owned the place. Do you know that feeling where a particular place feels like it is yours; enough to make you get territorial about it, enough to make you take over the waiter’s job and recommend dish after dish to your friends? Yeah, that’s how all these places make me feel, and that’s precisely what I’m doing on this medium – recommending the good stuff to you.

So without even actually perusing through the menu in its entirety, we rattled our orders away. This one was obviously a quick hit – prawns in butter garlic sauce. There is something about this blessed combination of butter and garlic that makes this match one made in heaven.


These guys added onions and chillies to the dish, which isn’t the authentic way to go about a butter garlic prep, but no one really cares or complains. Prawns + butter + garlic = nocomplainswhatsoever.

Of course being an avid fish fan fanatic, I felt indulgent (because of the long overdue visit) and ordered my staple of fish. I’m a lover of any fried fish and this was an anjal (king mackerel) masala fish fry.


It was rather alright and didn’t make my skirt fly. I’m a fan of the more deeply fried masala fish, the way it’s made in Kerala. Kerala fish fry FTW! Therefore what is a staple in any seafood order, isn’t really one here.

What is indeed a staple order at this place, which by the way is Anupam’s Coast ii Coast, is *loandbehold* their crab *freakinawesomemeltinyourmouth* ghee roast. Please order only the ghee roast. It’s the only kind of crab roast you should ever have.

Seriously indicative of coronary threats, this is a beauty that should be kept for those special times when you really want to go all out on crab.


Lathered in beautiful Mangalorean masalas and fragrant of ghee (clarified butter), this is must-have. It makes me actually prefer eating crab in Bangalore more than in any other coastal area; which to my astonishment I find more harsh on my pocket than over here, in Bangalore.

Order a side of neer dosa (clearly crab becomes the main) and feed a burning but completely satisfying fire in your mouth through those (rather loud) cracks and crunches.


Such a beauty, this. You can skip the fish entirely if you wish and go for more crab. Made with red chillies and more magic, this is a dish that is appeasing, satisfying, addictive and most delicious. When your mouth burns but you cannot stop and keep asking for more, it’s a sign of only good things.

Their service is very fast and their food is beyond tasty. If Mangalorean fare is something you enjoy, this is where you need to go to. The vegetarians at the table loved their food as well, but of course I was deep into the crab-eating process which made it impossible to click their food. They ordered appams and vegetable stew, which is a very comforting dish. Albeit a Keralite dish, I hear it’s a good order here.

It looks like I’m done on the crab-eating front for the time-being. It was a meal worth all the madness and absolute lack of table manners. Don’t do first dates over crab dishes unless your date knows what the date’s getting into.

On a more organizational note, I am contemplating categorizing these food-related posts separately, but while I still gain some clarity on how to do so, do hop over for some crab!


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