Pin-Drop Silence

31 Aug

I’ve no idea where this inclination to write is coming from, but let’s keep the flow going lest it decides to stand still for the next 500 months, shall we? Or wait, it could be from the fact that post all the ad writing, submission and completion of formalities that comprises the process of digital advertising were done with, all I could think about was heading here. It’s a good sign, I think. It was just on my way back home that I wondered whether making frequent appearances here spoke a truer tale of my life and its shenanigans or whether it showed some minor signs of that writer’s block giving way. Who knows? Ask me again next week, and we shall figure.

Write. Even if its nonsense. Do whatever it is that gets your boat floating, even if you think you’re covered and totally unsinkable. I think being able to be open-minded enough to write gets its credit from the absolutely random post I put up earlier this morning. I’m guessing it’s like those mouth exercises one is recommended just before they step into theater or music rehearsals; the ones where you think you’re doing the real shit but are actually making funny faces at people? Yep, that’s it. Who says things need to make sense all the time? Do the mad Phoebe dance, shirk of all that excess and unnecessary lint off your being and move forward, I presume.

While what I’m listening to isn’t a 100% correlated to the concept of pin-drop silence and why I’m going to speak about it, I’m continuing to do so because it’s addictive. Should you be interested, it’s this.


I’m sure a lot of us promised never to mention either his or Taylor Swift’s names around even our auras, but come on, let’s not be rigid. This doesn’t sound as bad as the effects of the his name can bring about to the folks of our generation. I’m not sure we can guarantee feeling the same way later. Ask me again next week, and we shall figure.

Just before I was about to leave work, it struck me that I wanted to write again. What about, I wasn’t entirely sure, except that there hovered a vague idea of what it could be, and that was enough. On my way back home, just before my skeptical mind wondered whether making frequent visits here would make the world wonder what the hell was wrong with me and if I didn’t have a life, there was this moment when everything felt calm; a sort of calm that gives you a spot right in the center of your chaos and mutes all else.

Have you experienced that? If you’d like me to explain it dramatically, imagine standing center-stage on that black-taped “x” that’s been drawn and designated for you to be positioned at. Imagine a whirlwind in slow motion all around, attempting to engulf you but leaving you untouched. Imagine all your thoughts, feelings, comments, voices, notes, mental checks, broken strings of ties you thought were still in place, relationships that occupy your space but are free floaters sucking on your energy, miniature cyclones of tormented unfinished businesses…you name it and imagine it whirling around you in slow motion, ever so close, almost brushing your hair, piercing you, except you’re untouched. Surrounded by silence in that screeching tornado. That happened. If it was an epiphany or my thoughts being drugged or if that’s what it feels like when you let go and stop giving a fuck about anything, everything and everyone, including yourself; I’m not entirely sure.

It turns out that we’ve got ourselves covered. Somehow. In some twisted, weird sort of way. There’s only so much that you can be afflicted with and there is only so much you can take to heart. There’s only so much drama and so much trouble you can take. And there’s only so much soul you can spare, so much heart you can allow breaking, so much mental space you can allow occupancy in. There really is only so much, even if it feels infinite, unyielding and unbearable. So it turns out that there’s only so much rubbish you can take and there’s only so much damage you will allow onto yourself. It’s comforting. It’s that exact same pin-drop silence in our chaos which makes us stand grounded, rooted and invincible, if I may daresay. And through it all, things don’t feel as bad or impossible anymore. Everything looks more approachable, doable and conquerable.

If all of that self-empowerment isn’t enough and you need some noise, some madness, some laughter, be thankful you have friends who break the monotony of it by randomly sending you stuff like this. It’s highlarious, top-notch, premium stuff (read: #PeriodHumour) you need regular dosages of.


Update: WordPress reminds me that this is a landmark 500th post, so happy 500th, folks! Thank you for stopping by, reading, sharing and making me want to write more. You’re the very best, dear reader!



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