1 Jul


I woke up to this today and I do strongly believe that it was there for me to see first thing in the morning. It’s seldom that I check my phone this early, but today was an exception. Perhaps I needed to be talked to, or see a mirror in the form of these words strung together. It reinforces my beliefs in signs. Almost every single day does.

Small reminders for today (to begin with);

  • It’s okay to be standing in the eye of the storm where nothing and no one, not even your own self, makes sense.
  • Let the whirlwinds of your insane thoughts consume you, completely. And have faith that you will re-emerge. Because you always will.
  • Stop fighting. Experience the experience till it can consume you no more. It feels powerful to be in that place because you’re invincible to it in that moment. And you earned it.
  • This journey is for you to make. Alone. How you choose to decorate your path, and with what, is albeit fruitful, but temporary. Because when you’re done, you’re standing all alone.
  • Being alone does not equal being lonely. You have a choice.
  • Words of wisdom are not for the weak because they didn’t come from the weak. If you cannot accept or imbibe them, perhaps there’s something else in store for you.
  • Every picture needn’t be perfect.
  • Let. Go.
  • Nothing is permanent. Nothing.
  • Believe. In your self, your strengths, your capabilities and your knowledge. Believe.
  • The strongest superhero is watching you from within and has been all this while.
  • Welcome today, because you’re here. Yesterday is already a closed chapter and not even time is sure of tomorrow.
  • Drink your coffee slowly. Let it tingle the farthest reaches of your senses.
  • Learn. Always. It opens doors and throws sunbeams our way we may have never known of.
  • Open your eyes. Let some light in.
  • Take a deep breath. And smile at your own fragrance.
  • Love.
  • Kiss.
  • Create magic by just being.


We’re always a work in progress (WIP), because we don’t want to be finished yet, do we?




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