Who Can Ever Say

29 Jun

I had already decided what I wanted my next post to be about and I’d let my words and thoughts stay brewing the entire time just so I could come here and spew them out. It looks like writing really is that form of catharsis considering the word spew came out even before I could control it. Everything began from Friday and continued to spill its negativity in every corner of my happy space. Of course we have the wonderment of hormonal powers to magnify every single feeling, especially if they’re negative. Or is that something our thoughts do? The point being that while most of my weekend was just dandy, on came along a series of thoughts that gatecrashed my happy weekend party and decided to take over. Of course one thought lead to the other as they always do and the last of the weekend slunk away in the dead of a rather sultry Sunday night. I woke up with a resolve to take it all out of my system right here and be done with it. So here I am. Except that I’ve been influenced otherwise, and for the better, thankfully.

Time has this magic of shedding its skin every single day and making way for something new, daily. And I use that as a constant reminder to look ahead and move on because evidently something so obvious as a brand new day isn’t enough for me to have renewed faith on my own. So a reminder it is that, in U2’s words, it’s a brand new day.

Every space around me has been taken over by love and so much of it. I see love in every place and in every being; more than I ever have in the recent past. It gives the cynic in me so much strength, that for once, I’m thankful to be on social media, lapping up all the positiveness around me for a change. For one, the world suddenly seems overjoyed about the new ruling by the US Supreme Court, which is lovely to see. Especially because we’ve become seasoned cribfests. So while it was a little overwhelming to see rainbows beaming from my screen, I guess the colours did their therapy for me, to be honest. I’m not going to comment about the ruling and how everyone went gaga over the country’s step forward while simultaneously and predictably became critical of India. But that’s more usual than unexpected; like I said, we’re expert cribfests come what may. Anyhoo, that was a joyous feeling to experience more happiness than I’ve ever seen, especially in the world of FB.

But when you’re surrounded by happiness and positive energies, it’s not that hard to feel a lift in one’s spirits too. Given said uplifted spirits, I tried my hand at this.



My first ever apple pie/pie in any form from scratch. It definitely needs more trials to become the perfect version I have of it in my head. But my biggest achievement was to get the dough just as it should be, so I’ll take that as a start for my next move forward.

That followed a rather impromptu visit to the a local brewery we’re pretty fond of spending time at. Sometimes you need to dress up, pucker that lipstick on, dab some perfume on, look your sexy best even with messy hair and just head out to celebrate everyday things like happiness, life and love. I guess we take it for granted and don’t highlight them as much as we do the mere passing grey clouds over us.


Many mugs of beer and flutes of champagne were chugged down. Yes, we’re ladies who do both with a “beer mentality“, like my friend said. And then carbs taste even more magical, I do hope you agree? So we celebrated carbs in plenty too. Actually, that celebration comes rather naturally and on a very regular basis, might I add. Thankfully we’re celebrating something good on a regular basis at least.


Mmmm, magical carbs, be mine forever. This was a Mediterranean pizza I was, erm, enjoying. It’s quite lovely and I’m thinking you’d like it too if pesto speaks to you like it does to us. Give it a try, it will not disappoint. And what won’t disappoint you even more is a splash of tobasco sauce on it. Trust me. Hop over to The Biere Club and when you’re ordering those carbs, get yourself their Greek salad. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a crispy, crunchy, cold, feta-laden bowl of summery greatness that all of us deserve more than we know. :)

And because I loved the pizza so much and because clearly I hadn’t celebrated my love for carbs enough, more had to be had. Sunday was spent making a large batch marinara sauce from scratch (mine had more than a guzzle of wine in it too) for pizzas and pasta, as well as making the dough from start. It’s here that I would like to thank the carb Gods for just being there for us mankind. While my mood began souring slightly, my spirits were alive and kickin’ only because the end result was this.


Just plain, simple margarita pizza. With 98234 kgs of cheese on it. Well, sometimes you just have to, you know?

So it’s safe to say that carbs and love and laughter and happiness and positive thoughts and some most amazing weather courtesy Bangalore, evaporated my cynicism away.

Thank you, universe. Thank you for the simple things. And thank you for the power of love. The wannabe optimist in me celebrates its power every single day, or tries very hard to at least.



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