Bluen Away

22 Jun

Mondays have never really been a problem or a day that brought about the repertoire of thoughts, feelings and actions that it is usually associated world over with. The last time I remembered them being more than just the start of a week was when I either had a sucky boss or sucky clients or sucky colleagues or had to dwell in the muck of suckiness in general. Let’s take a moment to really condole those who have a mix of all of the above on a regular basis. It’s not fun and it’s definitely not how a week should begin, unless you’re someone who only cares about weekends, in which case, well, there’s no need for me to comment further.

Having said that, this particular day which also (sadly) is a Monday (because what did Mondays ever do to us? and no my weekends are most delightful!) seems to be one that’s on a different tangent altogether. I’m not entirely sure if it’s the weather (which is overcast and windy and oh-so-lovely, if you must know) or if it’s my hormones or if it’s something else I cannot really put a finger on that’s making it the way it is. The day didn’t exactly begin the way I would have liked it to and while I’m fighting to keep it as positive as I can, it hardly seems to be the reason why today is just plain blahlethargicOMGgogetalifeandsomeicecreamandcomebackagainifyoumust. I just don’t get it. Coffee has also been had, as have my elevenses snacks (of fried spicy chana because healthy and me don’t really jam it up well). Existential conversations comprising hope, relationships, past experiences and existentialism have also been had under blossoming trees and that overcast sky that I feel like packing a bit of and using as a pillow from time to time. I’ve clocked 9+ hours of sleep last night in my kitty as well. So yes, I just don’t get it. It’s baffling. It’s debilitating. It’s so BLAH.

In the interim, just so I can keep myself going, I’ve tried finishing off some work to not feel completely useless and unproductive. And I’ve also updated my Facebook status (because sometimes shallow things like updating statuses is the way of life) to target/lash out at/vomit my words out at (ouch) random people who seem to perpetually be unhappy about anything and everything and most definitely, everyone. Do you come across people who, for the sake of nothing really, impose upon the world and the kind people in it, unhealthy doses of drama and all the crap that comes packaged with said drama? How do you deal with them? Of course it makes best sense to ignore these specimens and move on with one’s life, but then, before you know it, you hit another jobless jack on the same trail. So I wonder if there are other secret ways of annihilating the effects of the dumbness that’s wafting all around. At the end of the day, I’ve come to realize that people are unhappy come what may. I mean we human beings don’t deserve second chances because I’m pretty sure even those aren’t enough/satisfactory.

So the fight is on to keep said severe Monday blue at bay. I have absolutely no idea what’s gotten into today. Apparently it’s not just me either. Maybe I’m really missing the pork sausage I chomped down with my rum and iced tea over conversations with friends, last evening. Or maybe I guess Monday really is teaching the world what it could be like if it actually lived up to the labels the world generously and unabashedly bestows it with. I want my regular Monday back. With a poached egg on crispy butter toast, if possible.


In the mean time, I’ll be tackling it with some red and some more conversations; this time about, erm…, Magic Mike (because I’m so early and SO unaware) or hot chocolate fudge; I can’t seem to decide.



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