Something’s Not Right

5 Mar

I wanted to title the post as “Something’s Not Right”, and maybe I will. But I’ve left it blank for now because going by previous experiences, titling my post prior to actually writing it makes me feel restricted…in the sense that it limits my ability to let go and think and write and churn out a post and confines me to stick to what the title is about. Yes, I’m a bit strange that way. But you knew that.

I’m in for a quick check-in and out right now. And all I actually did want to say is that something (or many things) are not right. I’ll speak for myself when I say I’m tired most of the time even though my work is more sedentary than physical in nature, I’m in front of the laptop at all times which makes it so hard for me to want to look at it when back at home which consequently makes it almost impossible to write here, and that I’m addicted to my phone, apart from many others. I’m not going to walk down the something’s-not-right-with-my-choice-of-diet either since that’s another league in itself altogether.

But yes, the point being that I’m feeling out of time, energy, motivation, that spark and what have you. It’s a lethargy of different paradigms altogether. I’m not really sure if I’m making sense but this paradox is now beginning to drive me crazy. Or maybe I’m just being lazy? And lack this wonderful thing we call discipline.




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