Happy Sponge

2 Feb

It’s so easy to allow anything negative to take over; it’s like we human beings are born to focus on the negative, feel crappy about everything under the sun and then continue feeling sodden because somehow the negative becomes more magnetizing that the positive. Ask the majority and it won’t take us long to rattle away all the crap that life’s doling out to us by the bucketful, every day, every moment. It’s like we’re tuned to focus on the bad, to what, prepare ourselves against our worst nightmares? To build up our walls and secure our guards before we get struck? And then feel crappy anyway because lo and behold, you were so busy trying to be safe from the aforementioned plausible negative that didn’t even say it would come our way in the first place. How’s that for being a negative, lonely loser?

I’ve been caught in that cycle and I have absolutely no idea how that entanglement happened. It’s a battle to stay out of this vortex of blackness that is one’s negative thoughts. It’s a struggle. And it is so tiring. Before you’re out of one cycle, you’re caught in another. Is it really that hard to just let go and be happy? Because it sure feels that much more easy to actually feel happy once you’ve snapped off the crap. It’s the snapping off that spins the negative cycle of what ifs and now whats, in. We crazy thinkers. As if there wasn’t enough to think about already.

Either way, I came across a video of this girl, Rene Verma, at the Delhi Poetry Slam; which has been trending quite so. It’s a video of her rapping an Open Letter to Honey Singh. Here’s the last line she said which I’m using here, because I need that dose of as much happiness as I can sponge off from this universe.

You’re not just the masterpiece, you’re the painter too.

All it needed was this one line said by a girl somewhere in Delhi who was making a point across to Honey Singh.

That’s all I needed for that dose of sunshine to come through. Because really, it is all around. We just lurk too much in the shadows otherwise.


2 Responses to “Happy Sponge”

  1. Phoenix. February 2, 2015 at 12:28 PM #

    It isn’t a struggle. It looks like one.

    Again, and again, and again we keep remaining ourself that its a tough game and we need to be strong.

    Breathe, and say “it isn’t a struggle anymore. Even if it was, I’ve won it.”


  2. Chai February 2, 2015 at 3:07 PM #

    That line stuck with me too :D


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