Small Updates

23 Jan

…as you may have noticed when you clicked open my blog today, for those of you who’ve been here before. I’ve been making changes to the blog in bits to see what I like and what I could do away with… it was more an attempt to try and warm up to my space here given the hiatuses I’ve been on when it comes to writing here.

I had 2 main pages – one for the stuff I cook and one for the stuff I click – because those were are two things I enjoy dabbling with ever so much. However, since I hadn’t been updating that section of my blog, I figured doing away with it was better than having it around only to remind me of the neglect I cast its way every single time. It was also because I wasn’t actively cooking like before and hadn’t really picked up my camera to contribute in any way.

Maybe this will inspire me to begin cooking and do crazy things in the kitchen…hopefully. I get asked recipes and much to my own chagrin, I’ve realised I’m not a recipe person at all. It’s all in the mood and with the flow… there isn’t one book I read or one blog I follow. Sometimes its just a random thought that helps me haul my butt to the kitchen because the need of the hour is such. Other times its…well…being lazy and resorting to not entering the kitchen at all. It is a dream though to have that cookbook someday…and hopefully I do something about it. Though I’m more than certain it won’t be just another recipe book.

As for photography, my camera has been kept on the back-burner and I’m not sure for how long. I did inaugurate this year with it which did remind me just how much I love the art of speaking with images. I’m not the photoshop-big-geared-mighty-professional cameragirl. I think I’d much rather stand and do what I do best – watch. And wait for the right moment. Some may call it lax but I’ve figured that’s my style. Also, a new discovery I’ve made is that I can so totally be a phone photographer. It suits me to whip my phone out and get busy (read: phone slut from the last post). And it all comes together and fits pretty darn well. I’m not choosing because I do love speaking through pictures and as long as that’s possible, I’m not complaining. :)

I’m just about getting used to this space without it overwhelming me with the compulsion to write. I’m taking it a day at a time and maybe there’ll be many days at a time… I like the feeling right now and I’m deciding to stick to the feeling because I tend to completely miss out on that aspect of things altogether. And if things go fine, hopefully there will be more cooking, baking and clicking.

Here’s a picture I’d clicked earlier this month in Bangkok. I think it fits what I’m trying to say.


Given that it is the weekend (yay!), I’m also sharing this one track that’s grown on me (since I first heard it today on my way back home). And also because you can remember me as the girl who put Buddh and being matlabi (selfish?) in the same sentence and post. Turn it up loud, please.


Have a lovely weekend, everybody!


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