Alfredo, Lent and Chocolate Milk

12 Mar

The beautiful, beautiful nomadic clouds stayed back most of today, post the mind blowing canvas they helped paint at sunrise today. I was only happy to see them around because it’s given that they’d make a sunset more extraordinary.

IMG_0428 IMG_0435 IMG_0437

I haven’t taken my camera out since Valentine’s Day because, well, Alfredo (yes, that’s my beloved camera’s name) and I had a scare on Valentine’s Day. V-Day, being my brother’s birthday, mandated me to take my camera out because I’m a firm believer in capturing occasions. And while my brother “doesn’t like being clicked”, which therefore means there aren’t many pictures of him on his important days as there are of mine, I thought it necessary to take just a couple of pictures and let it be at that. But I kept Alfredo aside (or behind, rather), because my brother wanted pictures after enjoying his meal, which I thought was an absolutely legitimate reason to keep one’s beloved camera aside. Apparently, I got that taken in by the barbecued prawns and fish and meat and the sole glass of wine I’d consumed, that I realized yours truly had left her beloved Alfredo hanging behind the chair she sat on at the restaurant she ate her Valentine’s Day dinner at, after she got back home. I thought I’d lost him, because that is what normal people and hypochondriacs would do. Plus it was V-Day and the restaurant was overcrowded. Who in their right mind wouldn’t make best use of an unclaimed DSLR? But thankfully, everyone in that restaurant was insane because my Alfredo was exactly where I’d left him. Thank God for blind love. I’m grateful. I have him back and he debuted today evening. Small mercies.

Moving on, the sun set and the clouds parted almost immediately. I don’t know if they’ll be there tomorrow. It’s quite something to spend alone time with yourself. To go up on your terrace (if you’re blessed with one), or even your balcony, and just let everything take over you. Do you gift yourself moments like these? I’ve a love for terraces that got passed on to me almost invisibly by my mother. Oh, beautiful times.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

It’s been a week since I went on Lent. I wrote about it here last time. I don’t know whether it’s been difficult or not. Some of it has been and some of it has been smooth sailing. I didn’t know what to abstain from and so I picked whatever I could and decided to see what stuck and what didn’t. I ate chocolates (and a whole load of them) the day of Ash Wednesday. I ate rice as if I was breathing air. And since I had chocolates, I conveniently gave into desserts as well. So it’s safe to say that the only two things that I’ve really managed to abstain from are non-vegetarian food and alcohol. But I had the massivest of cravings to head to our regular watering hole and down an entire pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea. Thankfully I didn’t get my hands on any. Easter, I cannot wait for you. You’ve given me a newfound meaning to your existence.

In the midst of it all, I’m an almost hardcore non-vegetarian who’s turning vegetarian for over a month. It sucks. Vegetarian food is only meant to be had at home if it’s the comfort of dal-chawal and/or roti-sabzi. It is NOT a very pleasing experience for a non-vegetarian to be served barbecued corn and pine*frikkin*apple and what not while everyone else around gorges over prawns and fish and chicken and mutton. Sigh. Willpower, you better get stronger.

Therefore, instead of food pictures, I have photographs of a pirate-themed restaurant we went to for a team lunch. I sat on a chair that had a ribcage for a backrest. That apart, and the many skulls that donned its interiors, it was a beautiful experience because Bangalore is at its best and where better to witness its beauty than to lunch on a terraced restaurant? I think I forgave the universe for barbecued pineapples and zucchini and all that vegetarian stuff because it gave us such a beautiful ambience.

And because today has been so pleasant, I decided to close it with chocolate milk because there cannot be a better and lighter and more refreshing almost summer pick up than chilled chocolate milk. PLUS, it’s been a complete Yo Yo Honey Singh day at work, thanks to one of my colleagues. She introduced me to this one.

And I’ve had this one on loop.

Honey Singh is awesome. I thoroughly enjoy his music. It makes the hidden Punjabi in me come alive. He makes me get up from my seat at work and dance. Thank God for high-walled cubicles. Turn them up loud, please. :)

I do feel alive.



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