8 Mar

It’s been such a wishy-washy unplanned Saturday. I find myself back here again because I don’t think I’ve written to my heart’s content.

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The city is at its spectacular best. There really is magic and poetry everywhere, ever more than I’ve seen in such a long time. And the thing about magic is that there’s only so much you can capture; the rest is just meant to be be felt. There’s something in the air. Can you feel it too?

There have been walks, a bit of shopping, a Starbucks entry, book shopping at Blossoms (because how can you ever come out of a book or stationery shop empty handed?) and a general sense of awe at the city. If you’re here right now, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. There really is just something in the air. Magic.

My cousin brother came home today after a long time and we spent the evening out together. We also decided to give up on our Starbucks virginity. It’s safe to say that I don’t do women. At all. ;)

And while we were on our way back home, we spotted birds migrating in quite a large number. On closer inspection, we found them to be bats. I’ve never really seen a spectacle such as that. I only hope they’re going places because it’s a habit, not because they lost a habitat. Again, there’s only so much I could wrench my head out of an auto and get on camera.

While the mother and I aren’t exactly patriots of International Women’s Day, I think my brother could be because I came back home to flowers. There were bunches of lilies, gerberas, tube roses and daisies, I think. One bunch of flowers for ma and one for me. He knows how to surprise his ladies. Very well. He has taste. Plus he’s been brought up well. ;) So I think he’ll do more than just okay on that front.

IMG_9070 IMG_9071 IMG_9069 IMG_9068

There’s something about nights. And tonight, after writing this post out, I’ve decided to pick Alice Munro and give her a read. I’ve never read her before and it’s the line “women who refuse to be contained” in the blurb of the book that caught my attention. It’s great to let go in a book store and discover an author on a whim or on a line such as this. Let’s see how she works on my tastebuds and if she lingers.

I also cannot wait to dive into Khushwant Singh’s collection of short stories I picked up – The Portrait of a Lady. I’ve read his ‘The Company of Women’ back when I was doing my Masters and I thought it was quite beautiful in its own way. So if Alice Munro disappoints me, I have Mr. Singh to fall back on. And I’ve always been fascinated with Anna Karenina. I’ve always wanted to get acquainted with this character and while my mind wants something light to get back to at the end of every day as I welcome sleep with a book, I hope she and I get along. I really do want to get to know her.

Sometimes all you ever need is a book. Or a story. To walk with an author through the doors and corridors of a story playing out. To engage but stay dissociated. But of course there are times when that’s hard to do, when you cannot let a book not get to you. Books…they’re capsules of magic we’re gifted with, where words and stories mould themselves to encapsulate you and make you their own. Sometimes you leave. Sometimes you don’t. And that’s where the magic lies.

Have a beautiful evening and a lovely Sunday ahead.



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