7 Feb

At the risk of this landing up in the drafts section (read: the never to be opened again section) of my blog’s dashboard, I’m going to write.

Nothing has ever, ever come easy. Nothing. And going by my almost three decade track record, I doubt much is going to change about that trend. Maybe it’s me. Or maybe it’s my stars. I don’t know and now, I don’t think I care as much because a lot of me has resigned, plain and simple.

I’m not going to fight. I’ve stopped fighting. Maybe things are a certain way for a reason and I’ll let it be at that.

I’m not certain it makes me feel more at peace. I do think it makes me feel less tired, though. And I’ll make do with that for the time being.

Sometimes I wish I lived by the sea just so I had something so concrete and magnificent to remind me that things come and go at every single moment. And that there’s a vastness so incomprehensibly deep that there really is no reason to think beyond a point; that you are where you are meant to be at and you will go where you are meant to go. I say this not because I’m a believer of resigning to my “fate” and “destiny” but because I choose not to fight my circumstances at present. And sometimes, I just need those tireless waves to remind me that there’s also a sense of peace in watching that sand you trapped in your curled up toes, leave and fill you up with so much ease.


3 Responses to “Reminders”

  1. Priya Atreya February 7, 2014 at 12:51 PM #

    you know, you should write a book!


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