Here and There

31 Oct

I’ve been struggling to write, to push through the mother of all blocks I’ve faced so far. Or so I assume this is. I’ve come here a million times, written a few lines only to chuck them into my drafts folder or just haven’t logged in here at all for the longest time. I stopped fighting it. I figured this was a phase and that there would be other things to substitute my words. And I guess I was okay with that. We all like to take a break and so my words decided to abscond and how.

It’s been interesting because on second thought, I didn’t find the need to write. I found various other forms of expression and it’s been great. I don’t feel pent up or bloated, waiting to burst. I feel just right. And you don’t ever fight that just right feeling because we seldom feel content.

Speaking of which, I’ve had a rather eye-opening experience with this concept called contentment. I’ve never felt so content in my life. I felt it to such an extent, and so deeply at that, that I didn’t find the need to do anything else. I didn’t think it necessary to come here and write. I didn’t think it necessary to seek anything else. Being so blissed out can make one quite inert, I’ve realized. It’s such a weird concept because it makes you not care. It makes you detached and you stop caring.

I didn’t care about a lot of things because I was on this beautiful carpet ride, gliding through my year’s experiences and reliving every moment that filled my being with the satisfaction of having lived. And I mean having lived for myself, my mind, my soul, my being. Call it being selfish, but I doubt you’d disagree with me if you ever really did something for yourself in the true sense of the word.

I cannot explain the concept of dissociating oneself with the many ties we hold and just letting go, even if for a few moments. It makes you motionless in a speedy way. You stop and experience the world for what it is and what you choose to take from it. The world rushes by and you stop. It’s such a blessing to stop and move a million miles ahead, all at once. It’s a juxtaposition that’s worth every experience. And for all this and more,

it’s a life totally worth living.



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