London Diaries – 2

31 Jul

I thought I’d write this sooner because every day has new things unfolding and I feel like I’m a bit behind schedule here. But then I remind myself that I am on holiday and that updates can wait a bit. I just feel like there’s so much going on and that I’m missing a bus of sorts because I’m afraid I won’t remember as much as I can. This is where little notebooks come in handy but honestly speaking, I’m not one to stop midway and take a book out and write. I don’t like breaks in an experience because I can do justice to neither my writing nor my experience. So I try and take in as much as I can and then let my mind take its course as and where it pleases. I think that works better for me.

In the meanwhile, I must also say that since I do not have my laptop with me and since I do not enjoy wording blog posts on my phone as much, that there would be delays but that I hope to keep up. Also, the past few days have been pretty full because my ever so busy brother took a few days off for me and wouldn’t that be a shame if I spent those days in front of my laptop? He’s back at work today and so I feel a little less guilty sitting in front of this screen and typing away.

I left off at what could only have been a terrible nightmare of a transit, except that it was 589347584% real. This post is more about pictures because ever since I could, and much to the annoyance of my brother, I’ve been almost rabid, clicking pictures away. And I’m certainly not embarrassed about being such a tourist! Yolo, man! YOLO! So yes, let’s get into this post now because I swear to God, it just gets prettier and I’m very excited to share all this madness with you, my dear reader.

The last update saw me passing out after what could only have been the best take-off ever. And so pass out having declined my post midnight snack (a wrap, for those of you who must know) and alcohol, I did. I’d geared up well and promptly fell into as comfortable a sleep as can be on an economy seat. It wasn’t bad, I promise. And then because my body realized it was time to wake up, wake up I did. And here’s what I found.


A pitch black sky! Darn it, Babs, you’re out of India and you’re certainly not headed to Singapore (I work Singapore time, to contextualize), I exclaimed! And then I did the obvious. I looked down. And there it was. Dubai! And no, I wasn’t hallucinating. I’ve never stepped out of my country before so I’d obviously never seen Dubai, forget recognize it from thousands of meters above at night, that too.


But this sealed the deal. The unmistakable palm-shaped island made me leap with joy. So there, I’d seen it, I wasn’t wrong and I was delighted. Simple things like spotting Dubai from an aircraft make me happy. Lol! Next to Dubai was what I can only deduce to have been Abu Dhabi. But I was too lazy to click it. I was more intrigued by that palm-island thing. So now that the traveler in me was satisfied, I passed out again because there was no early morning cab to catch for work and there certainly was no sunshine outside. Yes, the sun and I share a relationship that’s too deep to talk about. Anyhoo, another bout of now India time madness, I’m sure, woke me up and I looked down to find this pretty city/country. Don’t ask me, I don’t know. However, if you do know, please do tell me.


Maybe this was Muscat. Or Kuwait, for all I know. It was spectacularly lit up, brighter than Dubai and had these very pretty extensions, which I assume were roads or highways into either the desert or the sea, I’m not sure.


There were quite a few extensions such as these and I found them to be pretty fascinating. I love the window seat, I can tell you that much. Window seats are my life on any journey. Now that we’ve cleared that out, Babska found herself asleep again. And the next time she woke up, she was grateful to see this because going back in time and seeing so much darkness does not make her a happy puppy.


I was, as it is very clear, seated towards the west because while the sun was rising, I got this fantastic view. There was the full moon keeping me company right from when I left Bangalore to now. The sun on one side, the moon next to me. And I’ll always be spellbound by the types and numerous colours that exist on this planet. I’m overwhelmed every single time. I had had my quota of sleep and was awake by now. My chin was firmly, but comfortably placed on my hand and my only point of focus was what I could see outside my window.


I was now curious to know where on this planet I was and so I switched on my flight system to get some of those much needed answers.


It was clear I was crossing the area of Brussels, Belgium, Luxembourg at this point and that it wouldn’t be long before I entered UK. It was a plum -55 degrees C outside and I was extremely thankful that I was inside the aircraft under my blanket under my warm clothes. I was being sarcastic about the plum temperature outside, by the way.

Before I knew it, here it was.


Here are images I managed to click of the English Channel through the thickish layer of clouds. I was inching closer and the captain announced that he would begin descending. I didn’t acknowledge my excitement because I was quite encapsulated still.


We were still crossing the channel when the captain began his descent (as seen on the wings). It wouldn’t be long.


And not long, it was. Signs of civilization down yonder made themselves present. And closer to me, they slowly started to become.


That’s the sure and steady river Thames right there. It turns out, after showing the photographs to my brother, that I’d clicked a picture of our home here in London alright. The weird white dome is O2 and we stay opposite that on the other side of the river’s banks. How coincidental!


I’m not sure which stadium this was, but I could imagine a game of Quidditch happen here alright! I had entered the space of witches and wizards! It was goooood!


So after dilly-dallying till we got our command/signal to land, the time to touchdown London had finally arrived.


And touchdown London, I finally did.


Say hello to Heathrow International, I certainly did!

There it was – a dream, an idea that germinated 7 months ago and brewed all along to finally come true!

London, I’d arrived.

Note: All photographs were taken with my cellphone on flight mode, because I’m extremely particular like that.



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