Teenage Crushing

18 Jul

I’ve been coming home after work every evening to a treat; a movie. I think I’m in a movie phase, alright. I’ve always loved movies and have always dreamed of making one. It still features somewhere on my bucket list and I hope to make it come true someday. Having said that, I must admit that I am, after all, not a movie buff. By buff, I mean, I’m not someone who makes a dash for the theaters at every release. Neither am I someone who can pride herself with knowing it all (not that anybody knows it all). And going by the genius ability I have to remember names and place faces to those names, I remember a whole lot of what I see (and sometimes don’t see). Even things like the colour of the third supporting actress’s slutty maid’s ring finger’s nail paint. I have an exemplary track record that way. Really.

And if you just believed that load, you and I need to talk!

Moving on, it’s been a mix of all that has featured in my list so far. I didn’t have a specific list as such. I just went by movies I’ve been wanting to see but haven’t seen, which are like 973246732456732872347 of them, but that’s another thing altogether. All I’m trying to say is that I don’t think I’ve watched so many movies over the past couple of years as I have these past few days. And before I dive into that, I must, MUST tell you about something movie-related that has been troubling me; in a good way I think.

I have been crushing on this man since…ah, I can’t even remember! I watched Django Unchained a couple of weeks back and I swear I haven’t been able to let go off him. No, I’m not talking about Quentin Tarantino, though we will get back to him in a bit. Here’s who. I fell for him here, in Django.


And here, in Inglorious Basterds.


Yes, the ever so amazing Christoph Waltz! The magnificent man! The great, awesome, supremely talented and ever so handsome Christoph Waltz! I swear he wasn’t much to look at when I first saw him in Django (I watched Django first). And I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any performance of his before (I’m 0.000005% sure). But I do know that he would have stood out had I seen him earlier.

I love the man. I love his acting. I love his style. I love, love, love his line deliveries. I love his nuances. I love, love, love, love X infinity his language, diction and pronunciation skills. He just had my heart melt all over the floor. A man who speaks flawlessly and in so many languages is non-existent, at least among all the men I know. Sorry guys, he’s just in another league altogether. If you love languages and are anal about the way languages are meant to be spoken, just watch this man, will you? He just shoots the bar wayyyyy up there. And like I tweeted sometime back, his language/enunciation skills earn him a million brownie points!


He plays Dr. King Schultz, a German dentist and bounty hunter for practically all Django Unchained. And all I’m going to say is that Dr. King Schultz is a German dentist (with a wobbly toothed wagon) and bounty hunter you’d always want by your side.

And he plays Col. Hans Landa of the the Schutzstaffel (SS) under Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship in Inglourious Basterds. Even though he is non-Nazi under cover, he’s a Nazi colonel you just do not ever want to mess with.

Here’s a video I leave you with and if that isn’t enough to show you what I see, then listen to what Samuel L Jackson gotta say man!


More in a bit!




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