A Well Paying Job

1 Jul

We think. And some of us think a lot. We all know well by now that our lives are looked at, examined, over examined, scrutinized, criticized and commented on by not just our own selves. There are perspectives from parents, peers, friends, colleagues, pets sometimes and even strangers apart from what one may think of and assess their life to be. Parents will always wish you did better because they, after all, want the best for their kids. Friends will always wish you did better because they, after all, want you to be happy and have a less bitchy/hormonal boss (if there ever was such a concept). Pets will always wish you did better because they, after all, want you to come back home happy and satisfied so you could cry less to them. They have lives too and don’t certainly don’t enjoy playing the role of agony aunties and uncles as much as we project them to enjoy such roles. Peers will always want you to be better because they, after all, want you to get out of their way so they have a clear road minus you obstructing their view. Better would be a term of great relativity here. And strangers? Strangers will always make you wish you did better because they, after all, are meant to be those totally random signs that need to show up in your life and flash that torchlight right into your eyes and check if you have a functional brain that really gets what your current reality is like. So yes, there are a million perspectives and you can add on the list as per your life and the people, things, animals and events who feature in it. And no, I haven’t forgotten the most important perspective; that of your own self. We have perceptions. We have opinions. We have ideas. And we have a somewhat vague notion about reality as it stands unless we really are that la-dee-da.

Sometimes it takes conversations with friends to help you put two and two together in your head so you can hurry here and spill it all out on to unsuspecting readers. So here I am. And you know what I’m going to talk about. Hopefully. Just to elucidate, I’m here to talk about a well paying job.

Does that exist btw? Let me know if you find it.

I was assessing the concept of a well paying job. None of us is ever, really, truly, truly happy. Are we? If you are, you’re awesome! I find that so many of my conversations across my friends’ groups centers around jobs, careers, finding our foothold and at what costs and of course the big P word – PAY. If we were to assess the ratio (?) of what we earn in money versus what we would require to earn to sustain ourselves in today’s world, especially since the Rupee loves frolicking around the Monetary Exchange Park, we wouldn’t be shocked as such. Why? Because I don’t think I’ve met anyone (barring one or two people) who really ought to get what they ought to get. And if we’re talking about sustenance, you’ve got another debate coming on. I often wonder if this is how life is and has in store for us.

I’ve grown up looking at my elders save, save, save and save to the extent that one forgets the real essence of life and what it is to really have a good life. You save because you must. You save because you have to think of your future. You save because your folks are growing old. You save because you need to settle down. You save because you have a family. You save because you eventually hope to take that holiday you’ve been meaning to take. You save, save, save. And you never get to live life like we’re all allowed to live or dream of living. There is always something. And something tells me that there always will be. And there really is no escaping that. So when you’re plagued with such thoughts and realities, you figure you try and get the best paying job you can because time’s always running out and because money really matters in this world. Especially in today’s world. Nothing is cheap. Nothing is easy. And like Baz Luhrman says, prices will always keep rising.

It led me to think about what a well paying job is. Is a well paying job that which we love; that which pays us peace and gratitude the moment we head to work or think of it? Is a well paying job something we’re passionate about? Is a well paying job a fat cheque at the of the month? Is a well paying job one that gives you comforts at work? Is a well paying job one that keeps your family, friends, peers, pets and strangers happy? Is a well paying job something that makes us happy?

And because I’m the overthinker, I had to focus on the word well-paying. I love my job. It is far removed from the job I had imagined doing. It is very far removed from the education I sought to get a job and build a career in the first place. There are sacrifices one makes because one has to play around with the dynamics of what really is well paying and what it is that really satisfies us at the end of the day. How happy are we really? And what makes us happy? Also, will there ever be enough money? Yes, money is important. It is hugely important and that’s something I don’t deny. But what is a well paying job?

I don’t have the answers. All I do know is that each and every one of us is driven by different motivations and priorities. We’re driven. We’re driven to strive, to hunt, to find, to adjust, to sacrifice, to compromise, to try, to understand and to define. And somewhere along the way, we know that the job we really do want is just one that exists in the castles of our own dreams. It’s not depressing. It’s just a matter of give and take and acceptance. And to those of you who are working the jobs you’ve dreamed of and which have no compromises or sacrifices on your record/conscience, do know that you are in fact living The Dream. And that that’s pretty darn awesome. To the rest of us, the world’s ours to discover, let’s keep chugging along! :)



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