Thank you

27 Jun


Babska’s Journey has touched a 100+ followers. And I’m speechless. Here’s a big shout out to you guys. You are amazing. You make me want to write more and be more crazy. You make me want to go all out and turn this place into a crazy Babska zone even more than it is. You inspire me in ways I cannot explain. Also, it’s the thought of you that makes me want to come back here even when I really don’t think I can. We all have those days or phases where words just do not come out no matter how hard we try. Well, you make me try harder. You make me write, save a draft, abandon it and try again till I’ve either torn my hair out or have something to put up here.

In short, you encourage me to do something I absolutely love doing. You make me want to write more. You’ve helped me express myself and in turn helped me grow as a person and a writer. Expression cannot happen in a vacuum and you remind me of that everyday. And for that, I am grateful because you make me realize that I have to write, even if it’s for my own peace of mind.

Thank you. Thank you for giving me my release. Thank you for the support. Thank you for being here. You are amazing. And even though I may not know you personally, do know that you and I are walking together to places unseen, towards stories untold, waiting to be discovered.

Big love! :)



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