There Comes A Point

24 Jun

There comes a point when it’s time; when you feel like the wait couldn’t get any longer (if you’ve been waiting i.e.); when you feel like grabbing hold of life’s collar and asking him to get moving along already.

There comes a point when you need more than want; when you wish more than desire; when you crave more than dream. It’s called timing. It’s called exactly that. They’re not wrong when they say there’s a time for everything. Well almost everything. There will always be those who stand out from the regular Bell Curve. But for the rest, there is a time beyond which a weird kind of desperation sets in, irrespective of how much you deny it or claim to not know or recognize it.

There comes a time when you just have to get out and do your own thing; whether you decide to spread your wings early or late isn’t as important as making sure it does happen at some point in time. I’ve never stepped out and have pretty much been the home bird I always thought I was. No surprises there, really. I never had any desire to go out and see the world and do things for myself. I was happy in my cocoon. But now, irrespective of whether I want to or not, I know I need to. There’s this growing conflict within me and I can feel it because yes, as much as I would love to stay at home and live within the comforts of my world, I know it’s not going to be long before I actually have to step out. And when I say stepping out, I do not mean it in the physical sense of the word. There’s way more to breaking the umbilical cord than just snipping it off physically. There comes the entire challenge of learning how to actually stand on your feet and to figure that this world does indeed have a place for you, except that you need to find that spot and make it your own because nothing really comes on silver trays anymore.

That’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to that. In my dreams. But having said that, I think it’s interesting to know how there really is a time and place for everything and everyone. I firmly believe in the concept of purpose; that we’re all here for a reason. Figuring that out or just living life in itself for everything it has to give and offer you could be reason enough. Because how often do you come across people really living life like it’s meant to be lived? It’s easy and pretty and so doable when we’re sitting in our armchairs and contemplating about how xyz should do abc. It really is something else to take life in its stride. And I haven’t even begun. I’m quite far away from that league altogether.

There also comes a point when you need someone; when the need for companionship becomes just that, a need. Out go fancy ideas of romance and love letters. In comes reality when things don’t go as per plan or as per what one would otherwise call “regular” timing. It gets difficult when you do not have someone. To those who follow different ideologies, this is where we’d probably differ because I do believe in the concept of needing somebody. I don’t base my life and its happenings on the arrival of someone in my life (in this case, a life partner) as much as I figure the need to have someone just because

There comes a point when you want to have a space of your own; a haven for your silence, conversations, ideologies and thoughts of course. There comes a point when roses and pretty gifts just won’t do. There comes a point when no-nonsense takes over. There comes a point when you’ve got to step over the line. There comes a point when you have to take a step back and reassess where you’re standing at. There comes a point when emotional intimacy trumps everything else; even sex. There comes a time when you will need a shoulder to lean on irrespective of how independent and out-there you may think yourself to be. There definitely comes a point when you have to decide that the time has come; to move on, to pack up and leave, to make amends, to throw away the magnifying glass, to keep a check on the intellectualization we’re pros at, to figure who’s in for the real deal and who’s not, to take a step in whichever direction you think your life deserves to go in.

There definitely comes a point when everything we’ve learnt so far makes not much sense because life never really was a text book, was it?



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