Our Special Forces

21 Jun

This is going to be another go-with-the-flow post because there are just too many things on my mind and I obviously cannot structure them into neat little boxes. Bear with me. There’s work to be done, but writing this seems more important right now.

The Uttarakhand floods have been on my mind because not only is it a disaster of huge proportions that would barge into the comforts of your mind anyway but also because I’ve been watching it on the breakfast news every single day in my office cafeteria. So even if I wanted to think of Fuzzy and Poppy at home, I wouldn’t have much room to. I really don’t know what to say about the floods or about being in a situation like that or the ironic (and perhaps satirical) nature of pilgrims dying on a pilgrimage at one of Hinduism’s largest holy destinations. I really do not have the faculties to comment on or express my thoughts about that; not here because it is deeply personal and not something I would feel comfortable discussing so openly. Let’s just say that having over 60,000 people stranded and missing under circumstances neither you nor I could possibly fathom isn’t easy to deal with. But what really always stands out to me are the forces that step up and take charge; our special forces.


Courtesy: PTI


Courtesy: indianexpress.com

Floods Army

Courtesy: deccanchronicle.com


Courtesy: news.rediff.com


Courtesy: deccanchronicle.com

Uttarakhand floods army_0_0_0_0_0_0_0

Courtesy: deccanchronicle.com


Courtesy: firstpost.com

No nation would ever be complete or alive if it weren’t for them. I stand by that belief firmly. To say that I admire them would never, ever do justice to even a fraction of what they really do. I marvel at their motivation because you know what? I’m sure it’s not money. I’m sure none of them hold a price to every person they lend a hand to, to every person they ferry across, to every corpse they fish out, to every life-threatening situation they work under. And to not be motivated by money these days is a very hard quality to find. We all know what motivates us and what gives us that extra push to cross the finish line. I don’t know what it is that makes them leave their everything to work for a nation and for people who otherwise never really remember them.

Back when I was a kid, I remember ma telling me to never ever be in awe in a relationship because she had her reasons to and I kinda generalized that line because I don’t allow wonderment to ever cross that line and become more than just that. But I am just in awe of our forces. I’m not being nationalistic or patriotic. I am just grateful and amazed and wonderstruck all in one. I don’t know how they do it. Maybe they don’t think and just take the plunge. Maybe they think and take the plunge anyway. Maybe they fight it. Maybe they go with the flow. Maybe they’re scared. Maybe they’re hopeful. Maybe this helps them live better. Maybe this helps them become better people; I don’t know what it is.

If I could ever study human beings, I would study them because they cross every barrier, they dodge every bullet (almost), they push every limit. And I am grateful to them not just because they’re here, protecting us who really know how to take life for granted, but because I’m grateful for who they are. They give me faith in humanity even if my levels of hope are on reserve. I feel overwhelmed.

I hope this eases asap. I hope this ordeal comes to a close. And to all our special forces out there, I salute you. I always will. You are our nation. You are our strength. You are our defense. You are our peace. You are our pride.


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