3 Jun

Off late I’ve had this weird feeling that Will Smith’s been talking to me. Yes, the real Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Men in Black Will Smith. No, I’m really not on drugs. I have been on Twitter though, and so has he. And I’ve begun believing that we’re having a conversation? of sorts. It’s where he writes the amazing stuff he does and I lap it all up, sit back, get wowed a million times over and feel content. On repeat every single time.

Will Smith (WilII_Smith) on Twitter - Google Chrome 632013 65015 AM

I think he got me with the over-thinking tweet! And of course the revenge bit. There really is nothing better than picking up, moving on and living it up. Life’s too short to wallow around people who don’t need it.

Will Smith (WilII_Smith) on Twitter - Google Chrome 632013 65123 AM

As you can see, the tweets favourited and re-tweeted hit me in the face.

I love, love the one about chances. Life’s all about chances; about taking and giving people, moments, experiences chances. Always.

And about walking away. I agree. Completely and wholeheartedly. And I’m not shy of confessing that I’ve given up many a time too. Sometimes when it’s time to move on, you just have to. There’s no point in sticking around unless you really, really, absolutely have to. You need to strike a balance somewhere, no?

Here are more. You could pick your favourites.

Will Smith (WilII_Smith) on Twitter - Google Chrome 632013 65207 AM

I was iffy about the love tweet because you know I’m a cynic and all that right? I mean, when I first read the tweet, I was all wow, this is the shizz! And then on second thought I tried putting a finger on the tricky love bit. How can love be for ever? I don’t believe in forevers. And then it hit me that the people I really, really, really, really do love from the bottom of my heart’s heart’s soul with all my life, energy and being are the ones I will, indeed, love forever. And the number is shockingly small. But then again, I’m not shocked. I was just being dramatic with that. Love doesn’t come easy. But when it does, it’s something to watch out for.

Will Smith (WilII_Smith) on Twitter - Google Chrome 632013 65227 AM

I’m big on the reasons one, man! Sometimes I just wish we knew why something happened the time it did or the way it did. Closure! Closure is everything.

Will Smith (WilII_Smith) on Twitter - Google Chrome 632013 65257 AM

Believing. I fall short of that so often and keep pausing to remind myself that it’s important to hold on to that faith. It’s still a struggle today and this tweet acts as a constant reminder.

Will Smith (WilII_Smith) on Twitter - Google Chrome 632013 65323 AM

I absolutely love the tweet on struggle. I think it should be broadcast everywhere.

Will Smith (WilII_Smith) on Twitter - Google Chrome 632013 65532 AM

The one about deepest secrets and sad eyes and kind hearts really makes me pause and be more careful about what I think and how I assess people.

Will Smith (WilII_Smith) on Twitter - Google Chrome 632013 65607 AMWill Smith (WilII_Smith) on Twitter - Google Chrome 632013 65627 AMWill Smith (WilII_Smith) on Twitter - Google Chrome 632013 65657 AM

I cannot of course paste all 1,385 tweets of his. And I really, really cannot pick a favourite. Every day comes with a new message, a new context and a new experience. There’s always new water under the bridge every day because we’re constantly moving, seldom stagnant. I love how words can be so profound, thoughts so magnetic and living so renewing every single day.

There’s always so much to see, talk about, listen to and do. And then there’ll always be conversations with Will Smith on Twitter.

Have a great Monday and week! :)



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