When Girlfriends Meet

25 May

…the world automatically becomes a better and superbly prettier place.

This month has been jam packed with reunions of the familial and friendship kind. Weekends have tumbled past, and at such breakneck speeds that there really has just been no time to do anything else. There has been a lot of work and then there’s been a lot of the good stuff happening over every single weekend. The blog has been so terribly ignored but there’s little I can do about that. I’ve figured to go along with the tide and not fight it because neither was I actually able to dedicate time to blog and neither did fighting the tide leave me with much time to bask in the awesomeness that is my life right now. Yeah, you’ve got to give some to get some, right?

This time around, V, who has been living outside the country and is busy taking the world by storm, came down to Bangalore. We met back in ’08 and were classmates during my Masters program. Somewhere along the way we realized we’re as mad as each other and that our madness could really be conducive to a pretty darn awesome friendship; so lo and behold, we became pretty darn awesome friends. It was just customary to meet and loop everyone else in too because…well, there are no becauses when it comes to reunions.

So, we met. So, there was a riot when we met. So, the riot was us. So, it was awesome. So, it was killer. So, it was epic. So, it was just the thing we all frikkin needed in our lives. That’s the thing about meetings with girlfriends. They’re always what everybody frikkin needs. Because girls have a lot going on in their lives. There’s so much pent up laughter that needs to get out and resonate the world. There are so many conversations to be caught up on. There are so many abuses to be showered. There are so many tears that need to be shed. There is.just.so.much.worldly.gossip.to.be.gossiped. There is just so much to share. There is just always so much to do. There is so much that needs to be done which cannot otherwise be done in company of “other-not-so-significant” friends or parents or siblings or, now, spouses. Girls just wanna have fun. Period.

So, when girlfriends meet,

24 May 2013

there just has to be a customary series of snaps like these. There is always a cool pose, there is always happiness and then after the entire build up, the pack of cards just falls into what ends up becoming a madcap awesome photograph!

When girlfriends meet,

24 May 20131

there has to be a customary photograph taken outside the restaurant on the road. There have to be top angle snaps because top angle snaps are a mid-20-and-onward girl’s best photo angle friend. And there has to be at least one “crazy” snap even if the hot summer sun makes your eyes water, makes you see stars and practically blinds you irrespective of being armed with shades. You just move to the shade than not take the photograph.

And because yours truly was the photographer, I was kindly given the darkest pair just so I could try and see which button to click!

When girlfriends meet,


there has to be a customary stuffed-in-an-auto-like-a-can-of-sardines photograph. It’s a universal law. By the way, a photograph like this takes me back to our college days when we did actually travel like this quite frequently at a 1 and a half fare, yapping our lives off. It’s no wonder auto drivers in Bangalore are off their knockers.

When girlfriends meet,


there will be (sexy) pictures of accessories which may even happen under the table (in this case) because girls are pretty, sexy and mindblowingly awesome bruh!

When girlfriends meet,


there will always be food on the table. It’s the universal rule of universal rules. Food is our second best friend. We’re not calorie shy. Neither are we food shy. Which is why I have the friends I do. We eat, sleep, dream and live food baby. That is just how we roll.

When girlfriends meet,


there will be alcohol at some point. There will be pints of chilled-to-the-bone beer for beer lovers and there will be pretty glasses and cocktails for those who aren’t friends with beer. Alcohol isn’t a staple as much as food and conversations are. But if we’re feeling particularly fancy, we go all the way.

When girlfriends meet,


there will be dessert. Always. There will also always be chocolate. Always. Chocolate makes girls happy. Chocolate and desserts make girls swoon like no other. Did I mention we’re not calorie conscious?

When girlfriends meet,


there will always be conversations that make the other blush and smile and turn away and pretend like nothing came up to their cheeks and coloured them pink!

When girlfriends meet,


there will always be the customary round of completely, mind-bogglingly random snaps. Didn’t you know Random features in all our names? Hi, I’m Babushka ‘Random’ Chauhan. And so on… It’s true. There will be mad photographs. There will be posing. There will be what we call natural photographs where everyone’s doing their own thing. There will be photographs when no one knows what’s going on. There will be plenty and more.

When girlfriends meet,


there will definitely be the customary Homer Simpson ‘Doh!’ moment!

When girlfriends meet,


there will be a selfie, and a selfie of the selfie!

When girlfriends meet,


there will be large amounts of vanity.

When girlfriends meet,


there will be more than enough laughter to go around the world and back. There are all kinds of laughter that range in length, duration, pitch and intensity. There will be giggling. There will be laughter that is precociously raucous. You may even hear a roar or two. Also, with that much madness going around, it’s hard not to cry with laughter.

When girlfriends meet,


there will always be insane amounts of love. The weird, crazy, girly, mad, random kinda love that only girlfriends understand and can have for each other.

When girlfriends meet, you’re always 18.

When girlfriends meet, you’d want to be at no other place in the world because that’s the one time when you’re in your time machine hopping off at so many junctures long past while traveling to so many destinations the future may hold while sitting pretty and crazy in the spot you never really got up from.

Here’s to every girlfriend who spins my world right round, right round! :)


4 Responses to “When Girlfriends Meet”

  1. bepcity May 26, 2013 at 11:33 AM #

    Always enjoy reading your stories : )

    • Babushka May 26, 2013 at 7:53 PM #

      I’d say the same to you too! :)


  2. Preeti Nichani May 26, 2013 at 5:36 PM #

    I am gonna whack you babz.. I have been wanting to meet you for ages, and you never have the time to meet me :(:(

    • Babushka May 26, 2013 at 7:54 PM #

      We’re gonna meet up soon. Trust me! :)


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