17 May

Infinitea is a tea cafe right here in the city; one I’ve been going to for a very long time now. As its name suggests, this is a small place which serves tea of all kinds and from almost every place in the world. It’s divine, if you’re into tea i.e.

P texted me one evening and said she wanted to go visit because she hadn’t had the chance to go there since she got back from the US. You’ve met her here. It’s ironic because having been neighbours, I don’t recollect us ever having gone there together. So this was spontaneous, new and fun. Plus I think we got the best seats on the first floor with a good view of everything including the two couples who could’ve possibly been sitting on each other. Anyway… here’s why I think we got the best seats.


I love the lamps, I love the duskiness outside, I love the yellowness inside, I love the feeling of warmth the place exudes, I love how cozy it makes me feel, I love the graffiti on the walls…I love it all.


As I said earlier, Infinitea has been a place I’ve been coming to way before I could even afford it entirely. I used to visit this place back in college because it was so close by and because back then I had the softest spot for iced teas. And they do serve a variety of iced teas which you should check out if iced tea is your thing. I enjoy mango quite a bit. My grandmum didn’t feel the same way.

There are two favourite staples here when it comes to food.


Steamed chicken momos.

It’s a crime to not like steamed chicken momos, especially from here. I’m telling you. I must admit my love for momos was acquired albeit at an early age, but even though a lot of people do not really fancy this dish/snack, it’s worth a try. Why? Because steamed chicken momos with a side of spicy red chilli sauce and a Tibetan version of salsa features in the top 10 of one’s all time comfort foods. It’s the law of the universe. I didn’t invent it. Here, at Infinitea, they serve the momos with a tangy, spicy tomatoey sauce which is their signature sauce because I haven’t encountered it anywhere else.

I never ate momos here earlier because they are pretty steeply priced at INR 180 approx per plate which is a ridiculous amount especially when you’ve eaten wayyyyy better at INR 15 approx a plate. I think they’re making up for the cost of the bowl they serve it in. Having said that, their momos definitely hit the ball out of the park and are worth a try at least once.


My second most favourite thing to eat here is their Chicken Oriental Salad which comes with a peanut sauce dressing. And trust me when I tell you that it’s so worth a try if salads are your thing. Salads are never my thing. But this one is. It’s crunchy, crispy, tasty, refreshing and exudes just the right amount of “healthiness” from it. I cannot accept stuff that makes me feel like I’ve consumed hemp, you get what I’m saying? There has to be meat and it has to taste good and yeah, it needs to make me happy! Not asking for much.


I don’t know how this picture came here but I’m not sorry because I want you to try these out if you’re in the city! :D

So the evening was cozy, cushy and yellow. It was filled with conversations, catching up, avoiding PDA being thrown in our face and a general sense of satisfaction.

P ordered a chicken steak which was what she was drooling over since she left for Boston. And then someone told her about it and then she decided to rush to Infinitea right from the airport because she just had to. Not. But she did have the steak and she loved it. She loved it because she could taste butter. See? Butter is invaluable. I didn’t fancy the steak much because it smelled eggy and was coated in a thickish coating of an egg batter which is not how I like to eat my steaks. But I’m glad she got her steak and enjoyed it and I’m not so glad that I didn’t get a picture of it to put up.

Whilst we ate, I did this too because I’m like that. Only because it’s a pretty place. Otherwise it’s hard to separate me from my food.


Pretty, aint it?

Because no tea was consumed that evening (LOL!), I shall put up another post about their teas when I soak myself in their brews. All I can say is that I really miss the vanilla tea I used to have. They don’t serve that anymore.

You can check this place out at:

Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore.
(It’s actually on Cunningham Road, diagonally opposite Sigma Mall)

Note: This is not a paid article.



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