An Epic Weekend

16 May

Did I tell you about the babiest brother of the family? Well, as the name suggests, he’s the youngest brother in the maternal side of our family. He came to Bangalore last week. He came here for the first time. He came here for exactly 1.75 days of which some parts aren’t counted. He came here for one of his engineering entrance exams because he’s at that stage of life where kids need to take a painful number of entrance exams to make their dreams become a reality. And so he came on one extremely stormy Friday night (read: a night that saw rain like it had never ever ever ever rained before) and left by Sunday afternoon. So you can imagine what that schedule must’ve been like.

He landed here at 10:30pm and had just about an afternoon the next day to hang out because one never eats out before a major, life-changing national exam, does one? So whilst the world has looked peachy and lovely and pristine and pregnant in all its Bangalore summer glory, I’ve had more of a twister-like past few weeks. But that’s not for this post. This one’s to introduce you to some of my most favourite people in the whole wide universe.


We decided to check this place out and I must say this has become my latest favouritest hangout. I’m going to head back there, photograph it and share it with you just so you know why exactly this has become my new hotspot. Having said that, when there’s beer on a summery Saturday afternoon, life’s more or less set. You’re in the zone, your brain cells ease off and have less frizzy hair, your hair settles down too (or you stop caring; whichever happens first) and life seems to float by on a pretty pink boat (yes, my boat is pink, thankyouverymuch). Anyhoo, so the beer arrived and so did the food. And before we knew it, our afternoon slinked into what every Saturday afternoon should be like – chilled out.


These are 2 of my 3 brothers. The one behind me is my brother S who is my younger sibling. The one to my right is A and he’s our babiest (cousin) brother.


Oh, I forgot to tell you that he’s over 6 feet tall. I’m glad I used this photograph as an opportunity to highlight that fact before you gasped at the outrageous difference elsewhere!


This is S. He’s my brother from another mother. He is my one of my brother’s closest friends and I treat him like my own. I don’t think he knows that and maybe it’s best we kept that for another time! :D Isn’t he the sweetest and handsomest?


Awww, here’s one to friendship!


And here’s one to brotherhood, bru-hs! Ok nevermind! I’ll stop. By the way, they claim to hate posing. All guys think it’s fashionable to say that. Mad boys.


And because you’re in the company of a fooseball table and boys, you cannot sit pretty at your table and pretend like the table doesn’t exist. The boys decided to get lean and mean and my brother defended his spot against the other two brilliantly. And then because he’s a darling and repressed the fact that his sister sucked at any kind of sport, he called me to join him and sort of insisted as well. I panicked like a chicken on the inside while I kept a brave, elder sisterly face on the outside whilst laughing and thanked the pints of beer I’d had a million times as I tried to shirk his offer off. But to no avail. He didn’t care if I was bad (awww!!!). He didn’t care if I sucked (awwww!!!). And he certainly didn’t care about his score! Memories or nightmares of my first ever football match in school came flooding back to me and I palpitated a million times. And then the game was resumed.

I watched the ball like a hawk and kept watching it while it flew past my men and vanished into the goalpost. I kept staring. I guess I hadn’t realized what had just happened. And so that happened a few times. Also, this is perhaps the only time I will confess to the fact that own goals were scored. The brother breathed patiently and told me I could shift and be on the defense if I wanted. So I did that. But the opponents had me. I held up my white flag and took refuge behind my camera just so I could regain some lost pride. I was the elder sister after all. I did need something to fall back on!


Here’s my darling brother holding fort all by himself. So brave. So focused. So awesome! Isn’t he the coolest?!

Because we were at a brewery, we just had to call the mother because she does have a soft spot for the good stuff. Everyone in the family does. Say the word beer and watch the magic that unfolds!


Here’s my beautiful ma, my best, my most awesome ma! She hates being photographed and worse still, she has a knack of looking into the distance (or into people’s head off late) just as the shutter goes off. Yeah, ma, bro and I are the yin-yang team alright!


But then my babiest brother realized what was going on and here’s what it resulted in as S clicked our pic. I like this one much! :) You can see crazy popping out of our ears!


See what I mean? I decided I wanted one with the two crazies. S looks relieved that he’s just a brother from another mother, honest to God! Crazy at go, that’s what we are and will always be.

The beer was had, the food devoured, the music sung to and the fooseball players well played. It was time for some meaner boy stuff we had to get out of the way before it was too late. And here’s where we headed.


This is a classic example of the brother trying to pose while trying not to pose just so he can act cooler than his age and pretend like he doesn’t like being photographed! Bollocks! But he looks darn cool either way, so I’m glad we got that out of the way!

Before we knew it, Saturday was over and we were completely spent. There was another long and very important day ahead and since I was to take my youngest brother for his exam and to the railway station directly after that, we decided to call it a night.

Time flew on Sunday. I cannot recollect how we woke up, traveled almost 80 kms (you got that right) one way to his exam center which wasn’t even in the city, got his exam done with and left for the station. We had to have lunch so we stopped by at the fastest option we had – McD – before we continued on our journey.


And when I wasn’t looking, he sneaked up and bought me a sundae! My babiest bought me a sundae. Sniff. So we had our sundaes while our burgers got prepped, then snarfed the burgers en-route to the station and made it well in time for the train. It was there that we spent a rather lazy afternoon on a bench at the railway station; chatting, catching up and absorbing the silences in between.

His train arrived and he was all set. As much as I love trains and stations, I despise departures. It’s always such a bittersweet feeling.


I had to sneak pictures of him while he spoke to ma. I just had to.


And then he found out! 

And then his train left.

And then I felt happy and sad.

But I’m glad the exhaustion took over because saying bye is just the hardest ever.




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