Saturday Mornings

15 Apr

Fridays and Saturdays are my most favourite days, everyday. Did that even make sense? Yes, it did if you’re a true-blue Friday and Saturday lover too. ;)

Fridays are eased in and promise a night of absolutely no alarm clocks or schedules one can otherwise be quite anal about. Fridays can get God tiring but promise a night of blissful passing out without a care. If Fridays aren’t spent out with friends, then they’re spent at home. Fridays are fun, Fridays are frivolous, Fridays are fantastic!

This Friday had a girlfriend come over and stay back because it had been forever since we’d met. Because it’s been bitchin hot and crazy, we opted to stay in and figure our way out. When you have friends over, you want to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible.  I do not pride myself in labouring away in the kitchen while my friends hover around. I do not enjoy conversations getting lost when I’m cooking. It’s not that I can’t focus or don’t like anyone in the kitchen, it’s just that when I have friends, I’d much rather grab that drink and talk. Nothing must ever come in between girls and their conversations. It’s a best practice to adhere to this rule as strictly as possible. Everyone’s happy. No conversations are missed. No updates are tided over hurriedly. :P


To follow the rule I was talking about, here’s the quick and pretty simple pasta I put together. Optimizing time is of the essence! Always. So pasta with tomato sauce and spicy sausages was our pick and we were pretty set.

And before you know it, you’ve slept Friday night through like a baby and wake up to your most favourite day of the entire week. Saturday. Saturday mornings are so great you want to celebrate them. You want to embrace them as lovingly as possible. I celebrate my Saturday mornings like this because this is as close to perfect as it gets for me.


Chai. Tea. Saturday is incomplete without tea. I do not drink tea on weekdays and neither is tea drinking a habit for me. It’s an indulgence I look forward to on Saturday mornings. And I like to make it as elaborate as a groggy me can.


I like to enjoy my weekly cuppa in pretty, colorful cups. Happy cups. Handmade cups. I like to have my masala chai or adrak (ginger) chai in pretty cups. And I was in the mood for this set on Saturday. Who knows what set will make it to the table next week?


So adrak chai it was. In pretty blue cups. The world automatically lights up when you wake up in a house that smells of brewing tea/coffee, doesn’t it? And when you have chai at your table, you’ve got to have this as well. It’s just a rule of thumb.


It’s a pairing God made in heaven I think. Chai without toast is almost unthinkable. Really. To me it is. There’s gotta be toast! And kadak (crispy) crunchy toast. Hot. Straight from the toaster. Stacked so you feel like you’ll never run out of toasts on pretty Saturday mornings. Ah, look at them! My pretties!


Steaming adrak chai with buttered toast. Yeah baby, now we’re talking. This is how it works. Get the good stuff out. The world’s just a muchhhhhhhhhh better place when it features butter in it. There’s just no debating that. Melted butter that percolates into that crispy toast waiting for you to sink your teeth in to is so the way to go! Yum!


And because it’s summer, mango just has to feature in my life. It’s not right otherwise. One of my favourite toast combinations is toast+butter+jam. *slurp*


There’s just no other way than to have a teapot full of amazing chai and a stack of toasts to devour. There just cannot be a better wake up. There just cannot be a better welcome ceremony of a day I truly love than this.

So simple. So uncomplicated. So pretty. So easy. So hassle-free. So charming. So Saturday morning!


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