The Bollywood Band Baaja

5 Apr

I’m in the mood for a complete Bollywood washover today. Or let’s just say that I’ve been washed over already. Completely. Wholly. Totally. It doesn’t take much to bowl me over if I think about it. Especially when it comes to Bollywood. I’m a picky person; very picky in fact. One’s got to be that way considering the stuff Bollywood’s been doling out. However, it’s a different story when it comes to Bollywood songs. Really.

For those of you who know me know how amazing I am with names of any kind. I totally rock when it comes to recollecting names of people, characters, movies, songs, etc etc. Like totally man! Ask me anything and I’ll give you your answer even before you finish your question. Not. Which is why I’m so far behind on the entire entertainment industry scenario because I don’t know who’s who (except for the Khans and Kapoors and that’s all that matters to me frankly speaking).

Anyway, I was inspired to write this out because I’m in that can I use the word kitschy? Bollywood frame of mind. Also, I was reliving the short road trip we took over the Easter weekend and it’s needless to say that Bollywood featured in it, albeit for a short while till the radio signals lasted on our road trip. I don’t know what it is but the jocks take a turn towards the road of romance and all things dreamy especially when one’s on a road trip. Or maybe the road trip makes everything seem dreamlike and pretty? I don’t know which came first. It doesn’t matter. I’m not complaining except for that GHASTLY Fevicol item number that’s really topping the charts for God knows what reason. See, I told you one’s got to be picky now with the stuff Bollywood’s throwing our way. Ugh. Disgusting track. I’m hyperlinking it for those of you who wish to listen to it here. That’s all the space it gets on my blog. But I love you so much, Salman Khan (though I wish IMDB would put up a better picture of him!). Judge me!

Moving on, here are some songs that played on my road trip and put me on a fast track to my beloved dreamworld of everything romantic, cliched, pretty and happy. When it’s Bollywood, everything’s got to be over the top, colourful, dramatic and so worth every minute. And don’t be surprised if I haven’t watched the movies the tracks featured in. I’m weird like that. And picky, remember?

The Highest Common Factors (remember HCFs?) of all these picks are:
They sound melodious and make me drift.
In most probability, they feature actors I enjoy watching and dreaming of and being with.
They’re melodious. Melodies trump lyrics when I first listen to a song.

So as our car cruised through the roller coaster-like roads of the Bangalore-Mysore highway, here’s what slowed things down and eased my life up.

SaiyaaraEk Tha Tiger

I haven’t watched this movie. I just love this song. Also, I love the actor in this movie – Salman Khan. And I think Katrina Kaif‘s really classy and pretty and has a fantabulously natural pout! The ratio of her acting versus her prettiness is highly skewed. Being pretty does in fact get you places. I like the intensity much!

SaansJab Tak Hai Jaan

I haven’t watched this movie either and have been told not to watch it. I’m such a Shah Rukh Khan fan and some part of me will always be irrespective of everything that’s happening with him today. There was a time in my generation when he took the world by storm; he was the ultimate romantic hero of my generation. No one comes to my mind faster than he does when I think of romance, especially Yash Chopra style. Again, I wish IMDB would put up a better picture of him!

Teri Meri Prem KahaniBodyguard

This one’s another with Salman Khan. And it has Kareena Kapoor. Even though I’m not gaga over her, I think she’s a natural and can act. I don’t think she needs to even try and even if she does, her attempts look effortless most often. It’s got to be the Kapoor gene man!

Pani Da RangVicky Donor

This track…this track…this track takes me away every time I listen to it. It’s that kinda song that makes you take off. It made me love Punjabis more than I did. And Ayushmann Khurrana, well he takes the cake man! He’s outstanding and he made me love him even more than I did. He’s everything Punjabi I love! Turn this one up if you’re driving especially.

Jee Le ZaraTalaash

Even though this one isn’t a romantic number, there’s something about it that blows you away. Call it Vishal Dadlani’s voice or the fact that it has the ever so brilliant and mindblowing Aamir Khan in it which shoots this track notches higher than its counterparts. I find it simply stunning.

HosannaEk Deewana Tha

If there’s a song you want to cruise to and flow with, this is one you should give a try. There’s something so pleasing, smooth and caressing about it. Enjoy it. I think this is the best thing about the movie! And that’s a judgment call because I haven’t watched it and am not gonna either.



Kaise MujheGhajini

I love, love, love these two numbers from Ghajini. Sigh. *sigh* Did I also profess my undying love for Aamir Khan and tell you how much I dig this man? *sigh* I love the scene of the second track especially. It makes me more of a believer than reality allows me to be at times. :)

Abhi Mujh Mein KahinAgneepath

This isn’t a romantic number in the least. However, it’s quite a powerful one. Especially because it has the marvelous and superbly talented Sonu Nigam’s voice. Anything Sonu Nigam stands the potential of making a person feel all that which qualifies as a complete Bollywood experience. Rona dhona, heart melt moments and all that jazz; that’s what I mean.

DarmiyaanJodi Breakers

I love this song. I’m not a fan of the actors in this movie though. Like I said, if it’s got the melody, that’s all it needs to bowl me over. This one’s a calm, sweet and soft one. It’s one you could cruise to.

Tu Hi MeraJannat 2


Rab Ka ShukranaJannat 2

I love these two songs much much much! I’m not big on the actors and I don’t even know who the actress is and I’m too lazy to look her up. But the songs – *sigh*

Ishq Wala LoveStudent of the Year

Crappy movie which I only bothered giving a dekho because of Karan Johar but stopped halfway through because it was miserable! I like the song though. Epitome of the cheesiness I spoke about! :)

Ishq SufiyanaThe Dirty Picture

I love this song, I love this movie and I have a soft spot for the actress – Viya Balan. I think she can be outstanding when she needs to be.

And because I realize this post has gotten way longer than it should have, I’m ending it with this amazingly gorgeous track. Ma’s gaga over it and so am I.

Haal-E-DilBbuddah Hoga Terra Baap

It has the supremely stellar and versatile Amitabh Bachchan acting and singing it. Nuff said.

OH WAIT! There’s this one too.

Khabon Ke ParindeyZindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This one’s got romance of a different kind in it. It is perhaps one of my favouritest songs to cruise to and let go to. It’s the perfect song to live, dream, relive and redream to. This movie is the philosophy of my life and that of a million others, which is why it became the hit it did. It’s probably one of those Bollywood movies whose story trumped the actors in it. I love it and urge those who haven’t watched it to give it a dekho. Astounding stuff.

If there’s a use for the term infinite, it would be apt to use it for Bollywood. I could go on and on and you’ve got to trust me when I say I haven’t even scratched the surface of the marvel that is Bollywood. There’s so much more and I know that this list will only keep growing.

And if you aren’t bowled over, even in the slightest, let me know, we’ll fix you a list!

Have a super Friday, folks!




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