Summer Rain

2 Apr

We were driving back to Bangalore on Sunday night and I swear the only thing that caught my attention were the seemingly reddish streaks I saw across the sky; lightening. It’s something to experience summer. It’s something else to experience an Indian summer and a subcontinental one like this. The heat’s been a bitch and relentless to say the least.

It’s relatively normal to have your appetite take a nosedive and lie in a vegetative state as summer flips the calendar by. It’s another thing to experience a summer you never thought your city would play host to. For example, I’ve never ever broken into a sweat while brushing my teeth or while vegetating under a fan at full speed or had summer take over my hormones, body, life and soul; never in Bangalore. But the past weekend has seen me break into more than just a sweat, toss and turn and surrender my fate to the weather Gods, and of course burst into tears as well. So uncalled for. And it isn’t even PMS time. That’s how hot a person who still uses her quilt in summers felt. The quilt has been long flung aside and away and jumped on. Looking at my quilt does not bring back the same warm feelings of comfort my quilt almost always stirs in me.

Anyhoo, getting back to the red lightening streaks that caught my eye when we were heading back, I knew we were in store for something long overdue. The frequency and intensity of them scared me and also made me sigh with relief. The city looked pretty calm (barring the beautiful traffic you’re bestowed with and its plentiful effects on everyone who enters the city’s limits) except for the lightening.


I couldn’t capture the amazing lightening that presented such a fantastic show to us all. It’s one thing to be in a car, it’s another thing to try and capture lightening in a moving car. And then here’s what happened.


I love the patterns the year’s first raindrops painted on my windscreen. So pretty, so alive, so refreshing. So symbolic. Well, if you left things to me, everything would be symbolic. That’s just how I roll man. I took it to be not just rain but karma hitting back at the nasty fox summer’s been. I also took these pretty raindrops to mean the cleansing of everything my mind and soul needs cleansing from. I also took them to mean everything poetry could possibly mean. See, I told you, if I could, everything would be symbolic. So let’s just leave the raindrops and see them for the darlings they were.


It’s not like I carry my camera around at all times, especially when it’s raining. But when that off-hand chance does present itself, you seize the moment and go clickety click click. It’s fun to see how accidents can sometimes be the best things ever.

Note to self: underline that genius line you just came up with and make it your next mantra, Babska.

Sorry about that. It’s just one of those days, you know? :) Moving on, here are some more fun captures. Or captures I find fun enough to share with you.


Have I told you how much I love bokeh? I love it enough to marry it. And I don’t like the concept of marriage much. I’ll let you put two and two together. Anyhoo, there was much experimenting with bokeh. Here’s my favourite.


But most of all, this was the “accident” I was talking about a few lines back which is so the highlight of the shoot.


This has some energy and I love it. It speaks to me like none other. This is what defines a first summer rain and always will.

There’s nothing that can define an image. And I’m letting it be as is for you to take it in as you wish to. :)



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