22 February, 2013

23 Feb

…will always be remembered as the most perfect day of the year so far. And here’s why.


I’ve said this a million times and still can’t stop saying that she got married. Her wedding was one that was so special not just because a close friend got hitched but because this was one instance, one piece in this ginormous jigsaw puzzle called life, that came as close to what weddings, relationships and life is all about. Maybe I got a better picture of what everything really is about because of how close she and I are. I’ve said this before and I still say that all the world gets to see are the perfections we all seem to have in life and the way we live our life. Everything looks peachy, perfect, spotless and effortless. We never really show what it took to get what we have; the world never gets to see what it really, really takes to find a partner for life. All we get to see are pretty photographs, a beautiful bride and her handsome groom and lots of glitter. No one gets to see the hard work that went behind making things work – the relationships, the bonds, the ties and of course the event in itself.

That’s why this was so special. It spoke. It showed me what it takes to get married. It showed me reality for what it is. They always say that truth’s bitter; but there’s also something very human, very raw and very real about knowing life minus those rose-tinted glasses. Also, it’s something I will always appreciate irrespective.


So I went for her wedding, watched her get married, clicked as many photographs as I could and met other friends as well. It was an early morning wedding which left me feeling quite accomplished as I stepped out of the temple premises because it was still 10:30am. I love that feeling. Of course this had to happen before we left and so here are some glances of the madness that took place.


That is SSS, R (you’ve met her here before) and yours truly of course. When there are friends and a camera, rest assured, there will be pictures. It’s against the law of the universe to not make best use of that amazingly warm lighting and pose. So pose we did.


This is M and me. You’ve met her here. M would be Piggy’s maid of honour if we had such a concept in Indian weddings.


This is one of the newlyweds. Don’t they look so relieved that their million ceremonies are over and that they finally get to walk into the sunset hand in hand? Indian weddings can be extremely tiresome and stressful for the couple. There involves no eating from sunrise onwards till the ceremonies finish. Also, there simply is too much happening which gets strenuous. It’s a well understood fact that all couples wish and pray for a short ceremony that doesn’t span half their life.


This is one of R and me exclusively. I decided to put it in because I love it much. Also it’d been a million years since I’d met her and so yeah, we’re photograph people. That sort of completes the friendship in so many ways. :P


This is one of SSS and R. They are the two only friends I know who can possibly get along with anyone I’ve met so far. SSS and I did our Masters together while R and I did our Bachelors together. I realize I haven’t written a post on SSS and I’m ashamed about that ghastly realization. I promise to write about her sometime very soon. This is when we had finally stepped out after all that mad posing and shutterbugging.


Then I saw these and got distracted. Aren’t they the prettiest things ever? We call them uralis. They’re clay trough kinda things which are usually filled with water and decorated with lamps, flowers and flower petals. They adorn a place like nothing else does. As we stepped out we encountered some more awesome morning light. You get no points for guessing what happened next.


Yeah. Girls just wanna really have fun! While on our way back home, SSS and I decided to have a chilled out day in the time we had. We both picked whatever it was that we wanted to do and decided to make it happen. It was something we decided to do for ourselves. SSS really wanted to take a bus ride and so we ended up doing this.


We got home, got off our ethnic wear, hopped into our jeans and tees and took the next bus shuttle to the airport. The airport is our random go-to place. It’s the place we go to when we want to head out to someplace open and spacious but something that’s not too far off and within the city’s limits. It’s also our place of choice because we don’t have to brave that much traffic. We go to the airport when we’re blah, random, have time to kill, want to watch the world go by and when we want to plane and pilot watch. You do know what a thing (obsession, love, desire, passion, etc etc) I have for planes and pilots, don’t you? Where better than here, then?


We decided to take things as they came. Food always comes first. Well, in this case, the ATM did. Because a trip to the ATM would get us that food. So we got ourselves bowls of soup to nurse some life and energy into us from all that was spent, especially considering we’d barely slept the previous night and had an early morning wedding to attend. I love the airport. I love airports. I love Bangalore’s airport even though I get to see only cranes and men in orange gear and no planes anymore thanks to the expansion our adda’s going through.


The second picture in particular takes me back to the old times. I love it many muches. So the soup was had, sparrows and swallows awwwwd at (our airport has so many of them, it’s such a joy!) and much chilling was done.


Also; cold coffees, sandwiches and dessert was had. It was getting hot. And something had to be consumed. After all, a bowl of soup is never enough for girls who love their food. In the mean time, a stranger was also talked to. It’s always nice to talk to strangers. Sometimes. Especially on happy, sunny days which are spent at the airport.

It was now my turn. And this is where we headed next.


It’s no secret that I love trains. We took the next bus shuttle out to this station and spent some time here. It was a tad too hot and we couldn’t sit on the benches and sip of cups of chai as we had thought we would. But this platform, and not the other, was chosen because of this.


I wanted to get to the station to watch this train go by. It doesn’t stop here because it’s a super-fast train. However, this station gives me the peace, solitude and space to watch it as it goes by.


SSS took this one of me. I have written about trains before, but another post on them will be written again.

To say that this day was beautiful would be giving it half the justice it deserves. I have never had a day that was as perfect as this one in what feels like eternity. To be a part of so much joy, happiness, beauty and simplicity all in one day feels like such a blessing. To do what you want to do and let the day progress in its own way and pace speaks of how the universe sometimes conspires to make this world and your life that much more interesting. It was perfect indeed.

2 Responses to “22 February, 2013”

  1. The Girl Next Door February 26, 2013 at 1:07 PM #

    Interesting day! :)

    Congratulations to your friend on her marriage! :)

    What is ATM? Those soups look amazing!

    I thought photographing at railway stations is banned. No?

    No planes at the Bangalore airport?! Are you serious? What happens to all those people who want to travel?!

    Ah, the sparrows at the airport! Love them, too. :)

    • Babushka February 27, 2013 at 6:48 AM #


      ATM is the regular ATM we get our cash from… hehe. I’d run out of it. And I didn’t know of the ban…clearly no one said anything to me or stopped me. :|
      And of course there are planes, it’s just that I could barely spot any because of the construction I guess?


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