21 Feb

So the nationwide bandh has us working from home. It’s awesome because a non work from home option would have meant us spending a good 12 hours at work to tide the bandh hours. We’ve done it once before but then God magically handed us laptops which helps make the world a better place. So yeah, working from home has its luxuries; the first and most important being that I can wake up exactly 2 minutes before my log-in time as opposed to 1.5 hours before it. Then I have the option of keeping the laptop on my bed and snoozing off some more till someone pings me. I also have the luxury to work in my night clothes, waddle to the kitchen and make us some chai and sit on the dining table with the pretty view of trees and flowers in front of me as I work, or type this post out as it were.


So I’m at work in my shorts and chappals in a non-air conditioned environment that is abundant with sounds of a pressure cooker whistle, aromas from the kitchen, vendors and hawkers yodeling the words “soppu” (greens) and “paper” (from the paper hawkers), irritating noises of all sorts from a nearby construction site, a dog’s barks, Fuzzy’s impatient wheeking, echoes from basement conversations and of course the rustle of leaves of the passing breeze. So it’s good. It’s comfortable. It’s peaceful in its own way. I don’t even find the need to plug my headphones on or be wired to music at all times.

However, I’ve realized over the past (now) 2 days that I miss office. It’s not like I’m a social butterfly who teeters to everyone’s desk and chit-chats, but I do wish to be around work people when I’m working. It’s not like I’m complaining about the current situation because I’d much rather be at home than at work for 12 hours at the mercy of a bandh. All I’m trying to say is that I’m not much of a work from home kinda girl. I like going out there and meeting people and friends. I like the routine I have at work (it’s more structured and healthy also!). I like laughing randomly over silly conversations and comments we keep passing. So as much as this is a super luxury I’m very thankful for, I like working in a work environment very, very much. And that thought makes me very happy. I guess there’s a time and place for everything primarily because I ensure I have some time for everything; be it work-related or otherwise. So that’s that on the work from home front. Also, I realize work from home is hyphenated, but just like how I was too darn lazy to get the camera and show you a better picture of the view, so’s the case with the lack of adequate punctuation too. Blame it on WFH. :P

The second update, I reckon, is somewhere connected to WFH because I feel like getting back to Facebook. It’s not a craving and neither is it a weird voyeuristic need. It’s just something I feel at this very moment. Maybe I’m ready to go back on again and spam the world with my junk. Maybe, just maybe, I will.

Also, since this is a post about updates, Piggy’s getting married tomorrow…in less than 21 hours to be precise. She is nervous. She is happy-nervous. And I am antsy in a totally good way. I’m apprehensive, excited, nervous and oh-so senti or emo as they call it today!


Since it’s less than a day away and since it is a wedding, much grooming must be done. And here’s what I did, to begin with. Red. The only red I’ll ever wear because I have a thing against red. It’s a long story. But yes, I’m mighty pleased. Also, I’m feeling pretty foxy! :D




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