Twirling Around

22 Jan

There’s something in the air today. It makes me crave my bed not because I’m sleep deprived but because I want to do absolutely nothing today apart from feeling completely fortuitous in my thoughts and being. There’s work to do; campaigns to pitch and all I can think about is being so random like people in random music videos who throw everything away and flit on by…you know? I feel like waltzing down the corridors and past the reception to get out into the warmth and coolness of a very weird Bangalore noon (yet again). And perhaps walk to the lake I can see from the 5th floor here to watch endless ripples crisscross each others’ paths. And smell all the flowers that line the roads and hedges, especially the serene white temple flowers. And perhaps dive into an endless mug of lemon iced tea when it gets too hot on the bench at the lake shore. And take a random bus ride to the airport, order another iced tea, watch busy travelers, emotion-laden parents and relatives, prim and proper air staff and caterpillar shapes of piled up trolleys maneuvering their way around thanks to adept ground staff.

Yeah, that’s where my mind is – everywhere but nowhere. There’s something in the air that makes me want to take off, as always. No, I don’t feel the compulsive need to travel just yet, but I do know that sitting here in front of my computer listening to the song whose video I’ve embedded at the end of this paragraph makes me want to really just leave everything, get up, dance, move and get going.

This one usually features on my Sunday noon playlist and it has every reason to. I guess there’s just something about these guys whose music makes time slow down and feel almost honey-ish and fluid-like. It’s that kind of feeling that percolates into your being when you lose track of time while staring out into the sea or when sunbathing on a forest rock after a cold waterfall escapade right under an awesomely peachy sun. The warmth, the coolness, the comfort, the occasional appearance of goosebumps, the lazy frills of your hair that fall and rustle at their leisure, the drone of a bumble bee passing by, the jagged flight of a dragonfly, the twirls of leaves, the hide and seek of the sun with cushions of clouds…they all come alive when I listen to Kings of Convenience. There’s something so laid-back, so unpretentious, so cool and so liberating about their music.

There’s no wonder I feel so adrift on this rather mundane Tuesday. There’s no wonder I began this post talking about how weird the air around me is to how I’m now talking about flitting by like a butterfly who has so many places to go to. I’m still wallowing in that feeling of unattachedness as I mentioned here. I feel freer, lighter, less complicated and less wound up. Sometimes we’re so caught up that we don’t realize how much of ourselves we invest in things, events, memories, people and relationships that need no holding on to. So much so that when you let go, you’re astounded at the amount of you that is free; the amount of you that is free to do whatever you want to actually do. It’s like unwinding that piece of string we were running out of to discover there’s so much left; with more to unwind still. It sets the top free, you know? It helps you swirl and do what you’re really meant to do. Have you ever played with tops or spun them around using wound up pieces of string? That’s the feeling I’m talking about. One can’t do without the other, but holding on and never letting go defeats the purpose of the top altogether, doesn’t it?

So I’m twirling around, or attempting to. And the air around me is still rather weird. My Tuesday still looks mundane. My work files are still incomplete. My deadline echoes at the back of my head. But I’ve taken off. I’m flying around on my tiny wings and soaking in the feeling of being a top that’s twirling after such a long time as everything else recedes into the background. It’s a heady feeling, but I’m free. And the air around me is still as weird.


2 Responses to “Twirling Around”

  1. The Girl Next Door January 23, 2013 at 12:58 PM #

    I can relate to this post a lot. I really can.

    There’s so much for me to do on the work and personal front at the moment that I am feeling overwhelmed. But all I want to do is flit away, like a butterfly, somewhere, anywhere. There are so many places that I want to escape to now. Watching travel shows on TLC and Fox Traveller have only intensified the feeling of longing. I want to escape, set myself free – the whole wide world beckons me at the moment.

    I want to go to a place that is calm and serene, with blue-green still water, white sand that is garbage-free, lie down endlessly in the sun that is not scalding hot, read and sip a lemonade, contemplate myself and life and a lot of other things, and just luxuriate in the feeling of doing nothing.

    I want to go to an ancient, ancient place that is steeped in culture and history, where traditions are still held on to and valued. I want to mingle with the people there, listen to their stories and capture memories of the people and the place in my camera.

    I want to go to a place where there is nothing but the sea and me. I want to sit on the sand, paddle my feet in the water and write, about anything, about everything.

    I want to go to a small cottage on the hills where there is a window looking out at the view, at the greenery outside. I want to sit at that table, read and write, and have my meals at the foot of those hills, from a picnic basket.

    I want to go to a green, green, green place where there are no tourists around, and quiet abounds. I want to soak in an oil massage, gaze out at all the greenery endlessly, and not do anything except eat, sleep, read, write, get the loveliest of oil massages and smell the most wonderful of sandalwood incense at ancient temples, watching a thousand earthen lamps being lit.

    I could go on and on and on and on….. Yes, wanderlust has struck. I am more mentally tired of routine and the stresses of work life than physically exhausted.

    • Babushka January 23, 2013 at 1:17 PM #

      Yeah it’s good to wander and lust about that wandering, really!


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