Eat Out: Koshy’s

31 Dec

Koshy’s has been around in Bangalore since time immemorial and I certainly am not the best person to trace its history or talk about it like a true Koshy’s connoisseur would. However, I am writing about it because Koshy’s features in that part of my life like it has and still does feature in the lives of so many other Bangaloreans and non-Bangaloreans, age no bar.

Located quite prominently in the central part of Bangalore, one finds it hard to miss even while passing by. It’s not like it has flashy signboards or glittering lights to allure passersby. Koshy’s really doesn’t need that sorta marketing and I don’t think it ever will. So Koshy’s first became a place that I would, like most others, pass by. I would always go to Bowring’s kulfi stall next door (which has long shifted now) or HMV house to buy cassettes (which then became 180 Proof and is now successfully Hard Rock Cafe) but never really stopped by. Also, by the time I could start going out with friends, it was the age of a fast-mushrooming Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) and Barista Cafe phase. So flashy cafes won hands down when compared to a regular looking place where “serious” people went to.

And then college happened, as did the phase of “hanging out” after college. Hanging out meant catching up (over God knows what) immediately after college at most times. Hanging out during college meant resources getting even more limited as the frequency of going out increased. Therefore slowly but surely, CCDs made way for the “regular looking” Koshy’s. So it was always a cup of coffee or a pot of tea that kept us company as time and our conversations walked by languorously while my graduate days shuffled by. And the occasional short eat that we would indulge in from time to time, of course.

We graduated. We’d graduated in more ways than one. Koshy’s played a massive part and went from being an occasional stopover to a place whose chaos we found comfort in. I starkly remember Koshy’s in the year we graduated. Koshy’s had become the regular adda after work. A lot of food and alcohol was consumed there. A lot of people were met there. A lot happened there. Dates, meetings, get-togethers, holiday celebrations, office celebrations and reunions made Koshy’s their faithful partner. So we graduated from the occasional cup of tea and coffee to a never-ending flow of rums and cokes, laced iced teas and food of course.

That’s perhaps why I feel comfortable enough to write about a place as significant and eventful over here. Like I said, I know not much about the place. What I do know is that it has featured in my life and in the lives of many others, over periods of time, over events and over life in general. It’s a place where everyone goes to. It’s a place where you see lawyers taking a break, bureaucrats guffawing, college students fussing about the rigour of student life, couples cuddled next to each other, families catching up, artists and artistes piecing their next muse together, social activists debating, advertising professionals poring over their glasses of booze and crass jokes, some arrogant and stiff-lipped waiters waiting on spendthrifts they’d sniffed out, and of course everyone else who stops by for a break, for a gathering or reunion, for a time of familiarity and of course, for a time of great reminiscence. It’s a place my aunt talks fondly about when she was working here in the 80’s and 90’s. It’s a place I know I’m going to talk about many years down the line.

It’s a place that will always be non-flashy, have an ancient board that says “Fish & Chips” outside, and will be special in more ways than one. It’s a place where stories are born. If character is what you want to see and be a part of, here’s where you should start at. And the best part? It’s never too late. :)

Here are some of my favourite eats that have been a staple order.

Smileys Koshys

Smileys. You may look at them, scoff and wonder what’s so great about them. Well, that’s the point. They come 8 in a plate, are accompanied by a bowl of some mayo mix we all dig very much, a bowl of ketchup and are just that – ordinary smileys. They’re just ordinary smileys in not just an ordinary place.

Mince Toast Koshys

I’m a huge fan of this and it became a staple once I had a regular income. Mince on Toast. The bread at Koshy’s, as you can see, is nice and thick and makes for a great partner with this very Mallu style (I think) mince they make. Non-vegetarians, give this a try if you haven’t already. Vegetarians can try their Baked Beans on Toast or Mushrooms on Toast, or Scrambled Eggs on Toast for those of you who dig eggs.

Iced Tea Koshys

This has and always will be my order at Koshy’s. Iced Tea. I really can consume copious amounts of this stuff irrespective of whether a brain-freeze attacks me or not. And for those of you who would like to take it a step forward, ask for the laced one with the poison of your choice. A shot of Old Monk uplifts this drink as much as it uplifts one’s happiness.

Other orders I would definitely recommend are their Beef Chilly Fry, Spanish Omelette (Non-Veg), Sausages (which can be overrated but so delish!) and Chilly Prawns.


This is R whom you’ve met before over here. She writes here. She has been one of the few friends I started going to Koshy’s with almost 6 years back and continue doing so. I had the privilege of getting a year-end date with her here today. It’s always great to meet here and catch up on life and one’s stories in general. We’ve seen year-end dates here as much as we’ve seen new-year dates. It’s not a tradition, just a place we like to get back to as and when we can.

Hot Chocolate Koshys

This is one of her favourite orders – Hot Chocolate. Give it a try. It’s gotta be awesome if she loves it. :)

Koshys Bangalore

And if you ever go to Koshy’s, this is where you should get a table at. It’s our favourite table – the one by the window. And we’re shameless that way because we make no bones about our love for this spot. We eye it till we get it and most often make a dash for it. :)

Koshys Bangalore

Give this place a try if you haven’t. Let it speak to you. Let it make its own space for you. Most importantly, let it knit another story, especially for you.


Note: All pictures are by the author. This is not a paid article or advert.


9 Responses to “Eat Out: Koshy’s”

  1. Ubiquitous December 31, 2012 at 4:21 PM #

    Loved the post yaar-uh! :) Am sure Koshy’s will be glad to feature in your blog. I sure am!

    • Babushka December 31, 2012 at 4:25 PM #

      Hehehe! :D <3

      Cheers! :)

  2. Ubiquitous December 31, 2012 at 4:22 PM #

    And yayyy, we made the year-end date happen. Cheers (glass of iced-tea to cup of hot chocolate) to that!

  3. Ben Stuart December 31, 2012 at 4:42 PM #

    Great post, love all the kinds of food pictured, love to try this place sometime. I’d like to try mince on toast, never thought of that combo before.

    • Babushka December 31, 2012 at 4:44 PM #

      Thank you and welcome here :)

      Also, give it a try. It’s well worth it. :)

      • Ben Stuart December 31, 2012 at 4:47 PM #

        Thanks, I’l hope to try it some time soon, looks very good.

  4. The Girl Next Door December 31, 2012 at 5:30 PM #

    Lovely post! :)

    I have heard a lot about Koshy’s. I have heard that it is an institution, a part of Bangalore that is as old as the streets and markets here. Sadly, I never went to this place till recently, just before Christmas, as a part of a tour. Loved the atmosphere at this place. We didn’t eat much – it was just a quick stop – we just had their plum cake, chai and smileys. Loved it all. Should go there sometime soon again. :)

    The iced tea and hot chocolate look awesome. I should try them out, along with the baked beans on toast.

    BTW, what is the difference between ‘artists’ and ‘artistes’?

    • Babushka December 31, 2012 at 5:33 PM #

      Yeah, go there when you can and savour it. Like I said, it’ll have a story of its own for you. :)

      And in my head at least, I would think an artist is someone who paints, draws, sculpts, etc while an artiste is someone who’s more into theatre, movies and the like, I guess? Lol! :D


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